Pixel Watch 3: Google wants me to “transition” into the (smartwatch) person I refuse to be!

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Pixel Watch 3: Google wants me to “transition” into the (smartwatch) person I refuse to be!
See, while I wear my Pixel Watch 2 every day, I’m not sure I’d call myself a “smartwatch person” just yet. The reason being I could also go without my smartwatch.

In fact, my primary phone is an iPhone, so the only reason I get to keep using my Pixel Watch 2 is because I have Android phones sitting on my desk (the Pixel 8 Pro in particular). The $1,000 Pixel 8 Pro that sits on my desk syncs with the Pixel Watch 2 and… makes it work. Otherwise I’d have to switch to Android, and no one is crazy enough to do that! Duh…

Jokes aside, I really did grow to like my Pixel Watch 2, so it’s not a surprise I’m now rather excited to find out the Pixel Watch 3 could bring a bunch of upgrades that’d make me… upgrade.

Pardon my French, but the Pixel Watch 1 kinda sucked, which isn’t the case with the Pixel Watch 2. That being said, I have a long list of “things that still need fixing”, and I think the Pixel Watch 3 might be the one to address my complaints as a Pixel Watch 2 user.

Here’s why…

The greatly improved Pixel Watch 2 is turning me into a “smartwatch person”, but can Pixel Watch 3 help me transition fully?

Needless to say, the Pixel Watch 1 had many flaws I outlined in several stories here on PhoneArena, which is why I was ready to leave it (and the idea of the Pixel Watch) behind… if the Pixel Watch 2 didn’t deliver. But it did!

Google put together a solid Pixel Watch 2, with far longer battery life, a proper charger, and a processor that doesn’t slow down during basic tasks. But this didn’t make my Pixel Watch 2 perfect at all, and I did what I usually do when I don’t like a piece of tech - I got paid to complain:

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Here’s a throwback to my Pixel Watch 3 wishlist from November 2023:

  • Two Pixel 3 watches in two different sizes
  • Larger displays, slimmer bezels
  • Even longer battery life (lasting three full days sounds great)
  • New band swapping mechanism
  • New speaker(s)

Fast forward to today, the latest leaks and rumors around the Pixel Watch 3 seem to promise (pretty much) what I asked for! And I’m actually (like genuinely) looking forward to the rumored 45mm Pixel Watch 3, which sounds like something a “smartwatch person” would say. And as we already established, I’m definitely not that guy.

I already love the idea of the new 45mm Pixel Watch, but my updated Pixel Watch 3 wishlist is much longer now

Anyway… While the rumored 45mm version of the Pixel Watch 3 already sounds exciting (given how small the 41mm watch is), having spent even more time with the Pixel Watch 2, I have a few more suggestions for Google.

Here’s my updated Pixel Watch 3 wishlist for 2024 - this would make the perfect Pixel Watch:

  • Google, please, don’t ship the Pixel Watch 3 with the same cheap silicone strap; it collects dirt and sweat, and it… stinks (like literally); I bought the cheapest fabric wristband I could find on eBay, and it’s a million times cleaner, more comfortable, and doesn’t retain any foul odor

  • Give me an actual Pixel charger; although I love how strong the magnets are, it’s clear that the charger shipped with the Pixel Watch 2 is a cheap unbranded charger, and that’s a shame for a $350 product; not to mention, the charger is white, which makes no sense as there isn’t a single white spot on the watch or any of the bands you can pick; the charger should be black, or even better - match the color of the watch (gold would be awesome)

  • To get even more practical, I set a lot of timers, so I can’t avoid mentioning that the timer interface/experience on the Pixel Watch could (and should) be much better; as it stands, it’s not necessarily buggy, but it’s glitchy and not on the level of the equally expensive Apple Watch

  • Let me see the whole calendar instead of only my upcoming events; if I’m looking at my calendar, I probably want to see an actual calendar

  • Getting even more specific, the Pixel Watch 2 doesn’t always connect to my Wi-Fi in the morning, and it doesn’t always quit the “Bedtime mode” when it’s supposed to (which could be related to the Wi-Fi inconsistencies)

  • I know the FitBit subscription is optional and the Pixel Watch doesn’t need it to work, but let’s try to make the watch even less reliant on a premium FitBit subscription for “premium” fitness features; I know I’m pulling the Apple card again, but… Apple doesn’t do that, and the Apple Watch costs the same

  • While Google sends quarterly “Pixel drops” to Pixel phones with new features, I’d like to see similar amount of love for the Pixel Watch; for example, some of my (software-related) complaints about the Pixel Watch 2 could easily be solved with a software update

  • Speaking of software, longer software support is a must; especially since Pixel 8 now gets 7 major Android updates, 3 years of OS updates for the Pixel Watch looks a bit shabby

  • And finally, what’s a smart wearable without… AI? Let’s bring Gemini on board!

Pixel Watch 3 might be getting closer to becoming “the default Android smartwatch” but don’t sleep on the OnePlus Watch 2 (with 2-4-10 day battery life)

Anyway, as I said in the intro of the story, I’m actually looking forward to the Pixel Watch 3, and particularly the (rumored) larger 45mm variant. And that’s already a great Google achievement in my book. Remember - I’m not a “smartwatch person”! No, really! I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me…

Even if I have small hands (and I really do), the 41mm Pixel Watch 2 has been way too small, and some UI elements are just hard to hit - like the tiny button that brings back your ongoing timers. Seriously, it’s the size of a booger. A small booger.

The obvious aside, addressing all of the specific wishes in my upgraded Pixel Watch 3 wishlist would be the many cherries on top of the Pixel Watch cake ( hate the cake reference but I couldn’t come up with anything better).

From what I’ve seen so far, the OnePlus Watch 2 has won many tech nerds over, especially with some extraordinary battery life (achieved via two chips and two operating systems). So, Google certainly has some real competition to worry about - even if we forget about the likes of Samsung, Huawei, or the smartwatch leader, Apple.

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