The Google Pixel 8 is shown in an official video! Here is when you can pre-order it.

The Google Pixel 8 has been unveiled! Here is when you can pre-order it.
Google makes some of the best phones on the market! And I’m not only saying that because I’m rocking the Pixel 6a as a daily driver. I’m saying that because I believe that all of the unique features such as extra camera modes and advanced assistant features turn the Pixel into a top-notch Android experience.

Now, I may have gone with a mid range phone, but even I can tell you that the flagship is where it’s truly at. And while the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were awesome, we’re all excited about what’s coming next: the Pixel 8.

And I have to give props to Google, because we didn’t need to wait on any unofficial leaks! After the Big G leaked a render of the phone, we now have a full blown teaser uploaded. And, of course: it reveals some juicy details about Google’s next flagship phone.

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Save the D8, people: that's the call to action that Google wants you to embrace with this sneak peek. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be officially revealed on October 4 at 10 AM ET, during the Made By Google event of 2023.

Also, you guessed it: that’s when pre-orders will become available, so you may want to start saving up!

But what else does this sleek teaser video reveal? Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way: a Pink variant of the phone that looks to sit somewhere between “Rose Gold” and “Coral”. Then we also have a white variant with silver trimmings, which has a heavy ceramic vibe.

Generally, the Pixel 8 isn’t a major departure from the design philosophy to which Google transitioned the Pixel 6. Or, in other words: there aren’t that many design features that drastically separate the Pixel 7 from the Pixel 8.

That isn’t quite the case when it comes to their respective Pro models, however. The Pixel 7 Pro had a lens separated from the “main” left side portion of the camera array and then a single LED flash cutout, while the Pixel 8 Pro combines all cameras into a single, neat setup and then has two vertically positioned cut-outs to their right.

Now, one of those is the LED flash for sure. What is the other? We’ll likely find out with absolute certainty on October 4, but my guess is that it will be some sort of sensor that improves the overall camera performance of the Pixel 8 Pro.

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Naturally, during the event, we’ll learn loads more than that: we’ll finally know for certain what the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have under their hoods! And, we’ll likely get to see the next iteration of the Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds get announced too.

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