Pixel 6 series can't install the latest Android 12L Beta

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Pixel 6 series can't install the latest Android 12L Beta
A post from the official Google Reddit account (via Android Police) brings some sobering news to some Google 6 and Google 6 Pro users. The latest Pixels will not be receiving the Android 12L Beta 3 update. We know this after Google responded on Reddit to a question from a Pixel 6 series user who was unable to update his phone to Android 12L Beta 3.

This user, who goes by the Reddit handle of Jurban85, asked his fellow Redditors "Has anyone else signed up for the beta and had it take well over 24 hours to get the download? I signed up a couple of days ago and theres still no update for my phone. I cant get it to kick into gear. 1 day after the first time. I opted out and back in to try and kick it again. Is there a support chat for this? Would really like to get on this beta as I have heard its much much better than stock android 12."

Pixel 6 series will skip Android 12L Beta 3

Google responded by posting from its official Reddit account that "If you're enrolling a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro that is on the latest February build SQ1D.220205.004, you will not receive an update to 12L Beta 3, but instead will receive the next upcoming beta build release in March as long as you keep your device enrolled."

That build cited by Google is the so-called "mystery" mid-month second February update that was a surprise to Pixel 6 series users.

Despite what Google wrote, one Pixel 6 user opted in to join the Android 12L Beta program. He checked in a few times to see if his update would arrive (Settings > System > System update) and after tapping "Check for update" a couple of times, this user says that he received the update. No one else that we know of has received the third beta update.

Based on Google's response on Reddit, we can say that a fourth Android 12L Beta is coming next month. And here's the thing. When Google released its roadmap for the release of Android 12L, it had scheduled the final beta update for February (the third beta release) followed by the Final Release. Either something changed between then and now, or Google added the extra beta release because of the problem that prevents the Pixel 6 line from receiving the third beta.

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Android 12L Beta 4 will be available for both Pixel 6 variants sometime next month and except for that one lucky guy who claims to have installed the third beta, those with the latest Pixel phones will have to go from Android 12L Beta 2 directly to Android 12L Beta 4.

For those who might have forgotten and for those who never knew, Android 12L is a version of Google's open-source mobile operating system designed for larger screened Android devices (hence the "L" in its name) and foldable handsets.

The next quarterly Pixel Feature Drop is coming soon

This is just the latest issue that the Pixel 6 series has had with updates. The January update, which exterminated many of the bugs that owners were complaining about, surfaced two weeks after other Pixel models received it. Additionally, the January update included the December update which the newest Pixel models did not receive.

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The good news here is that the February update went smoothly for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and there is excitement in the air as the next quarterly Pixel feature drop could be just days away. There has been speculation that in response to complaints about the lagging in-display optical fingerprint scanner on the phones, Google might add Face Unlock via a future Pixel feature drop.

Code referencing Face Unlock has not been removed by Google and a past commit revealed that this feature is known internally as "Tuscany." You might recall that the Pixel 4 series replaced the rear fingerprint scanner with the face recognition feature. At the time, this showed how confident Google was with Face Unlock although the feature never returned after the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

To join the Android 12L Beta program, click on this link and tap the box that says "View your eligible devices." Under the heading "View your eligible devices" you will see a picture of your eligible Pixel phone. Tap the "Opt in" button and within 24 hours you'll be sent an OTA update to install. To return to stable public updates, go back to the beta program update, tab the devices tab at the top of the screen, and tap on Opt-out.

Within 24 hours you will receive an OTA update that will take you off the beta program and back on track to receive stable public updates. The update, however, will remove all of the data from your phone.

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