You can now pick up a Samsung order in Best Buy on the same day

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You can now pick up a Samsung order in Best Buy on the same day
Samsung is launching a new partnership with Best Buy to create the "Get it Today" program, which allows customers to be able to pick up orders from Samsung faster than ever.

"Get it Today" lets customers anywhere in the United States, who are making a purchase online from the Samsung website, to go into a Best Buy location anywhere and pick up their order there. If you want to get your hands on something as quickly as possible, this is definitely more expedited than waiting a day or two for a Samsung order to arrive on your doorstep, although you still have to go out and pick it up yourself.

While Samsung technically does have a same-day shipping option, it's exclusively limited to Dallas and New York city, as mentioned by The Verge. This means that anywhere else, you'd be waiting at least 24 hours to receive it—which can be hardly convenient for last-minute shoppers like some of us, especially if we're getting a gift for a quickly approaching birthday or anniversary.

If you have to go out to Best Buy anyway, you may ask, why would you bother purchasing from the Samsung website, when you can just buy it from there? After all, it's already in stock on-site. The difference is that Samsung often offers exclusive deals, such as free Galaxy Buds Pro with a particular smartphone, or other great offers which are not available from Best Buy. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

With a free Chromebook 4 laptop (11.6-inch, 32GB, 4GB RAM)
$1099 99
$1429 98

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

With free Galaxy Buds Pro, free wireless charger
$1649 99
$2049 98

While Best Buy does offer simple discounts from time to time, Samsung does often have more interesting or appealing deals on its website, particularly when it comes to the newer flagships. 

With the Black Friday sales craze coming up fast, more customers may find themselves taking advantage of Samsung "Get it Today" program this weekend, as the South Korean tech giant prepares to launch a whirlwind week of mouth-watering deals that are sure to rival Best Buy's and other retailers'.
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