OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro colors: which color should you buy?

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OnePlus 9 colors
The stunning OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are now available, impressing us with ultra-fast charging speeds, improved cameras in partnership with renowned company Hasselblad, and sleek design. This year, the OnePlus 9 series offer several beautiful and sleek colors, three for the OnePlus 9 and three for the OnePlus 9 Pro, so you may be wondering which one to get. In this article, we will explore the shades the new flagship phones come in, and where they are available for purchase, in order to help you with your decision.

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So, without further ado, let’s see which colors the OnePlus 9 series is available in and how they look like:

OnePlus 9 Pro colors:

OnePlus 9 colors:

OnePlus 9 Pro in Morning Mist

OnePlus stated at the event that all three colors of the OnePlus 9 Pro draw their inspiration from nature. Such an interesting color option is the Morning Mist variant. It looks silver at first glance, but with the changing light, it gradually transforms from silver into darker shades on the edges. It looks quite mysterious, if anything, this silver option is far from boring. It is a pleasure to look at if you want something unintrusive, but yet stylish and elegant.

OnePlus 9 Pro in Pine Green

The OnePlus 9 Pro in Pine Green is a color option for those of you who want something different, yet it doesn’t stand out and looks premium and polished. It is covered by a soft matte finish so it is comfortable to hold and doesn’t attract fingerprints. The color is consistent at any angle, meaning it doesn’t change with lighting like the Morning Mist. Additionally, this color looks quite professional, for those of you who like a more serious tone to their new flagship phone.

OnePlus 9 Pro in Stellar Black

Unfortunately for those of you who live in the States, the OnePlus 9 Pro is not available in Stellar Black for you. Arguably, that’s the most interesting color among the three options. OnePlus managed to make the black option very different, instead of just defaulting to a simple-looking black. The glass has a gorgeous matte frosted finish that assures no fingerprints will stain the premium-looking back of the phone. If you prefer your smartphone to look conservative but stylish and with attention to detail, this option is for you.

In this photo you can see the reflective nuances on both phones, next to each other. Notice how the colors are quite bright on the top, and they become slightly darker towards the bottom of both phones. How they both look depends a lot on the lighting conditions, so keep that in mind.

OnePlus 9 in Winter Mist

The three colors for the vanilla OnePlus 9 also draw inspiration from nature, says OnePlus. Winter Mist is a subtle color that has an unintrusive violet or pinkish hue, depending on the lighting conditions you view it under. It sports a glossy finish and is reflective. The company draws a link between this color and early winter mornings. Under some lighting conditions, this color appears a bit more bluish. The gradient effect that you see in the photo above also adds an interesting touch to the device's look.

OnePlus 9 in Arctic Sky

Arctic Sky is a color that somewhat reminds us of previous colors the company has gone for, but it is not quite like them either. It has a predominantly blue color as you can see on the photo above. OnePlus underlined at the event that this is a bit cooler shade than the sky blue color. On top of that fresh look, Arctic Sky has that gorgeous matte frosted glass finish, that assures no fingerprints are seen on the back of the device. It’s a fresh color and looks premium, youthful, and bright. Unfortunately though, OnePlus 9 in Arctic Sky is not available in the States.

OnePlus 9 in Astral Black

The Astral Black is a deep black color, complemented by a bluish hue, seen under some lighting conditions. Again, Astral Black is inspired by nature’s dark blue skies, according to OnePlus. This color option comes with a glossy finish, so do keep in mind that it may attract fingerprints more than the other two options, as it is also darker. For those of you who don’t want your phone to stand out with a very bright blue or violet-pinkish color, Astral Black is for you. Of course, you can’t run away from the beautiful light reflections on the glossy glass back.

With all that being said, which OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro color do you like the most? Which one will you get? Tell us in the comments!

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