OnePlus 6T says bye-bye to the headphone jack, hello to better battery life

OnePlus 6T says bye-bye to the headphone jack, hello to better battery life
The OnePlus 6 is seen here featuring something the iPhone X doesn't

OnePlus has never been a company to shy away from controversy, but the fast-rising smartphone manufacturer is also used to making headlines with various trend-snubbing decisions largely praised by consumers.

One of the reasons we expected the OnePlus 6T to make it big in America with T-Mobile reportedly in its corner was the refusal to embrace fads like 2K or 4K screen resolution and the headphone jack removal.

Unfortunately, after “respectfully disagreeing” with Apple on “what it means to be courageous” just last year, the company says “now is the right time” to kill good old jack.
This is not a rumor, mind you, as co-founder Carl Pei himself offered the above statement on the record in a short talk with TechRadar, adding that this “very controversial decision” has nothing to do with anyone else in the industry.

Pei describes the removal of the traditional audio port as a way to “optimize the user experience” on the upcoming OnePlus 6T, although curiously enough, water resistance is never invoked as a feature gained by ditching the 3.5 mm jack.

Instead, the space freed up with the dismissal of this time-honored component will apparently allow OnePlus to “put more new technology into the product”, improving among others the delicate battery life situation. Wait, what?
How exactly is the headphone jack removal going to help enhance battery life? Or did Carl Pei just try to excuse the omission of a very important feature (for some) by invoking an entirely different upgrade? If that’s the case, maybe it’d have been wise to make fewer jokes over the years and not call wireless headphones unprepared for the spotlight back in the fall of 2017.

Of course, those sweet Bullets Wireless earphones were released in the meantime, and even before that happened, Pei says 59 percent of his company’s “community already owned wireless headphones earlier this year.”

Oh, and if it makes you potential OnePlus 6T buyers feel any better, a dongle will be included in the handset’s retail box, while a USB-C version of the Bullets V2 wired headphones is also in the pipeline, naturally to be sold separately at an additional cost. That’s... not enough, is it?

source: TechRadar

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