Nothing Phone (2) battery and charging: Up there with the big boys!

Nothing Phone (2) Battery and charging: Up there with the big boys!
Carl Pei has been doing a great job keeping the hype high during the past few months, and here we are at the launch of the Nothing Phone (2). The successor to the interesting experiment that was the Nothing Phone (1) is a much more mature device, ready to go and take on the big boys now.

In this article, we will focus on the battery and charging of the Nothing Phone (2) and explore what upgrades the company has made to this interesting device. Here we go!

Will the Nothing Phone (2) have better battery life?

The answer to this question is yes, especially compared to its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (1). The latter managed a tad more than 10 hours of non-stop YouTube streaming in our test and 12 and a half hours of web browsing. We expect the Nothing Phone (2) to obliterate these results, so stay tuned for our tests, which are underway. You can check out the final scores below!

PhoneArena Battery Test Results:

Video Streaming(hours)Higher is better
Nothing Phone(2)10h 14 min
Nothing Phone(1)10h 13 min
Google Pixel 79h 13 min
Apple iPhone 14 Plus10h 53 min
Web Browsing(hours)Higher is better
Nothing Phone(2)15h 59 min
Nothing Phone(1)12h 28 min
Google Pixel 713h 56 min
Apple iPhone 14 Plus14h 51 min
3D Gaming(hours)Higher is better
Nothing Phone(2)5h 27 min
Nothing Phone(1)3h 58 min
Google Pixel 74h 43 min
Apple iPhone 14 Plus8h 18 min

Well, the Nothing Phone (2) lived up to our expectations, delivering a strong bump in stamina when it comes to web browsing and mobile gaming. The YouTube result is virtually identical to the one achieved by the predecessor, and it's largely due to the nature of the video test, it's capped at 60fps and there's not much you can do about efficiency. All in all, the Nothing Phone (2) is a step in the right direction when it comes to battery life, and it can absolutely compete with much more expensive devices.

How much battery does the Nothing Phone (2) have?

At 4,700 mAh, the Nothing Phone (2) houses the longest-lasting battery the company has ever put inside its phones (well, bear in mind that there's only one other model, the Notthing Phone (1), and its battery capacity clocks at 4,500 mAh).

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This 200mAh bump in battery capacity is for sure good news for Nothing fans out there and puts the Nothing Phone (2) in the upper echelon when it comes to battery life. We'll need to run the tests ourselves, but it's looking good, at least on paper, at the moment.

Does the Nothing Phone (2) have wireless charging?

Yes, the Nothing Phone (2) comes with all the wireless charging coils needed (and proudly displays them via its transparent back). The phone supports up to 15W wireless charging speed with dual charging support.

Does the Nothing Phone (2) have reverse wireless charging?

Another positive answer here! Yes, the Nothing Phone (2) supports reverse wireless charging with speeds up to 5 W. You can power accessories like the Ear (2) or other Qi compatible gadgets on the go.

What charger will the Nothing Phone (2) use?

There's bad news and good news here. The bad news is that there's no charger in the retail box; we're getting only a USB-C cable. The good news is that you can use pretty much any charger, but to get the best results, look for a 45W PPS wired charger.

How fast does the Nothing Phone (2) charge?

With the aforementioned charger, and according to Nothing, you could get to full charge in 55 minutes. Of course, we're running the tests as we type, so stay tuned for some real life numbers soon.

There's also a quote from Nothing regarding the wireless charging time: 15W Qi wireless charging with dual charging support will fill up the battery to full charge in 130 minutes, so there's also that.

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