These are the features iOS users want to see on the new 5G iPhone 13 series

These are the features iOS users want to see on the new 5G iPhone 13 series
Some Apple customers recently responded to a survey conducted by SellCell and looking at the answers, we can get an idea of what the tech giant's customers are currently thinking about the latest hardware and software offered by the company. One thing seems certain, customers are happy to see the focus on privacy as 73% agree with the firm's new policies in that area. 18% say that Apple is taking it too far while 9% don't know what to think.

Nearly 7% of AirTag users plan to use the device to track their partners

In the same vein, iPhone and iPad users were asked to pick their favorite feature of the recently released iOS 14.5 update. The App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature that allows users to opt-out of getting tracked by third-party apps for advertising purposes was the best feature of that update according to 36% of those responding. 

The new feature that will let an unlocked Apple Watch open an iPhone was next at 23%, followed by the 14% that selected Apple Maps' crowdsourcing data allowing Maps users to report accidents, traffic, police activity and more.

21% of respondents said that they would like to see the return of Touch ID with this year's iPhone 13, while 17% want to see the screen refresh at a 120Hz rate. The same percentage want to see a thinner notch or no notch at all on the phone. Other items on the wish list include the return of the power adapter inside the box (15%), a bigger battery (12%), better camera (8.3%), faster processor (6.8%), a compact phone (5%), better waterproofing (2.2%), foldable design (1%), and the removal of the Lightning port (.8%).

There is good news for Apple as 61% of iPhone and iPad users who responded to the survey said that they are planning to purchase an AirTag while 39% have no interest in the product. Apple charges $29 for a 1 pack, $99 for a 4 pack and 54% say that this is a good deal while 32% call it reasonable. 14% believe that the device is too expensive and should be priced cheaper.

42% like the AirTag system and call it "reliable" thanks to Apple's "Find My" network. 19% favor the strong privacy features while 10% are happy about the replaceable batteries that power each unit. 57% of AirTag buyers say that that they would buy the 4 pack while 43% would prefer to purchase them individually.

A leading 42.4% of respondents said that they plan on tracking their keys with AirTag units. 34.8% will use the product to track their pets followed by luggage (30.6%), bicycle (25.8%), purse/wallet (23.3%), and AirPods case (19%). Interestingly, 6.9% said that they plan to use AirTags to track their partner!

92.6% of those taking the survey are locked into the Apple ecosystem and would never switch to Android

Apple did get its face slapped as 67% of those surveyed said that accessories should come with a new device and not have to be purchased separately. Last year, with the iPhone 12 series, Apple removed the charging brick from the box thus telling buyers that they have to use one that they already own or pay $19 for a 20W adapter from the Apple Store.

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The pandemic helped boost interest in the iPad in 2020 and 2021 and 24.9% say that they intend to purchase the new M1 powered iPad Pro. The 5nm M1 chip is Apple's most powerful chipset with 16 billion transistors inside. 33.8% plan on buying the model sporting the larger 12.9-inch mini-LED display while 66.2% expect to purchase the 11-inch version of the tablet.

And perhaps the best news for Apple is that 92.6% of those responding to the survey say that they are locked into the Apple ecosystem and have no plans to switch to Android. 7.4% would consider leaving the Apple ecosystem for Android. The last survey back in March showed that 91.9% of Apple users would rather fight than switch.

The survey was conducted between May 4th and May 11th with over 3,000 U.S. iPhone and iPad users age 18 and older taking part.

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