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Future Google Pixel phones will be available on T-Mobile

Future Google Pixel phones will be available on T-Mobile
Pixel 4a (5G) is currently the only Google-made handset available through T-Mobile, but this could change soon.

Google and T-Mobile yesterday announced a partnership that encompasses a broad range of services, including making Messages by Google the default messaging app for T-Mobile's Android phones, promoting Google One as the preferred backup solution, and winding down the TVision live-TV service to steer customers towards YouTube TV.

T-Mobile boasts the most Android handsets in the US and the roster is likely to include more Pixel smartphones in the future, as droidlife has pointed out.

The carrier has revealed plans to carry the full suite of Pixel devices, which means it will likely carry the rumored Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and possibly the foldable Pixel too. It is unclear if it will also offer last year's Pixel 5, but it seems unlikely.

Google is interested in making chipsets for its products

Apple already has a well integrated portfolio of hardware and software, and Google's new camaraderie with T-Mobile could help it put up a stronger fight against the Cupertino giant and other industry rivals.

Last year's Pixel lineup's launch was mired with delays and the company reportedly set a very unambitious sales target for its handsets.

The search giant may spice things up this year with a custom chipset and new Sony sensor. That said, given the current state of the chip industry and a lack of follow-up reports on the rumored Whitechapel SoC, nothing can be said with certainty. Right now, it appears that the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 will be powered by the Snapdragon 780G.

Google recently hired Intel's CPU design expert Uri Frank as the new VP of engineering for server chip design. In a press release announcing the new hire, the company said that it's now going to focus on Systems on Chip (SoC) designs 'instead of integrating components on a motherboard.' This will help reduce power consumption and cost.

So, even though a proprietary chipset doesn't look to be on the cards for this year, custom silicon is clearly an area of interest for the company.
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