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Microsoft's unique Surface Duo is on sale at up to a massive $450 discount

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Microsoft's unique Surface Duo is on sale at up to a massive $450 discount
As one could have easily predicted ever since Microsoft unveiled its ambitious rookie dual-screen Android effort almost a year and a half ago, the first-gen Surface Duo is... far from perfect. 

Apart from its inherent software shortcomings, however, the incredibly versatile and lightweight mobile device suffered from an inexcusable case of poor value for money at launch, fetching an almost obscene $1,400 and up. Granted, Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is even costlier, but compared to that foldable beast, this thing looks like a, well, metaphorical lightweight, lacking 5G speeds, packing an outdated high-end processor and coming with a single camera in tow pulling double duty to also fulfill selfie shooting tasks.

While it arguably took Microsoft and Best Buy far too long to bring that starting price down by a cool $200 with no strings attached, the latter retailer is now ready to save you up to a whopping 450 bucks on both the 128 and 256GB storage configurations of the unlocked Glacier-coated Surface Duo.

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The full $450 discount requires upfront activation on Verizon or AT&T, mind you, but if you don't want to commit to any specific US wireless service provider right away, Best Buy will still sell you the aforementioned entry-level model at a much more reasonable than usual $1,000 while charging $1,100 for a 256 gig variant normally priced at $1,500.

There's no word on when this excellent new deal might expire, but in case you're wondering, Microsoft is currently offering no unlocked Surface Duo discounts whatsoever on its official US website.

At $1,000 and up, this groundbreaking handset undercuts the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which recently dropped from a $1,450 list price to $1,200 for good, as well as the prohibitive Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. Its main advantage over both those 5G-enabled Samsung foldables is the towering 8.1-inch screen real estate, which goes down to a still-impressive 5.6 inches of AMOLED goodness in a folded position.

The rest of the specifications are not exactly remarkable for a $1,000+ 2021 phone, but then again, this is hardly what we'd call a typical 2021 phone.

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