Instagram testing TikTok-like vertical scrolling for Stories

Instagram testing TikTok-like vertical scrolling for Stories
Instagram is working on ways it can better rival the crazy popular short-video-sharing platform TikTok, and a redesigned way to show Stories is one of them. The company announced such a feature will be coming back last year, but now, it has finally started appearing to some users for testing, reports 9to5Mac.

Instagram is now testing its TikTok-like vertical scrolling feature for Stories

The feature was first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navara, and it seems Instagram is currently testing for some users located in Turkey. The update brings vertical scrolling to Stories, and in order to jump to the next user's Stories, you need to swipe down, just as on TikTok. To view Stories from the same user, you still need to tap the left or right side of the screen.

Additionally, the update was also received in Brazil, thus making us think that the tested feature has a more global rollout, or it has been expanding to more countries.

The new feature immediately reminds us of TikTok, and it could as well be interpreted as an attempt by Instagram to better compete with the app with steadily growing popularity. What's more, Instagram has also been making Stories more focused on video instead of just a simple photo.

At the moment, it is unclear when this feature will be available to all users, as it is currently in its testing period.

Instagram and its TikTok rivaling efforts

The feature we reported on above is not the only attempt that Instagram has recently made to better rival video-sharing TikTok.

Back in December, Instagram also tested an increased maximum duration limit for videos in Stories. When posting videos in Stories, if they are longer than 15 seconds, they would get segmented into different Stories, and Instagram is currently working on amending this. It has been testing allowing up to 60 seconds of videos in Stories without segmentation.

And let's not forget to mention Reels: it is the more obvious TikTok-like feature on the social media platform. Instagram has been pushing for it to gain traction and popularity and is even offering a bonus of up to $10,000 for content creators that post Instagram Reels.

Reels actually debuted back in 2020, but it hasn't been gaining as much attention as the rival TikTok, which continues to rank quite high across all metrics of popularity. Recently, TikTok was even crowned as the "most visited website of 2021", at least in a Cloudflare domain ranking. By the way, TikTok surpassed in this ranking!

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Nevertheless, that doesn't stop Instagram-owner Meta to continue developing its services and enrich the user experience with new features.

Recent Instagram features for you to look forward to

One particularly good feature that Instagram has recently announced and is planning to implement soon is a version of the chronological feed that vanished in 2016. Basically, Instagram will have three different options for your main feed: one dubbed Home (which will be the current one), one dubbed "Favorites", and one dubbed "Following". The latter will allow people to scroll through the posts of only the creators they have followed and view them in chronological order.

For many people that would be quite handy as many users don't like getting post recommendations from people that they don't follow in their feed instead of the content of people they like and want to see more of.

Another recent feature that Instagram is working on is called "Edit Grid", and it will allow you to arrange the posts in your profile to your liking, regardless of the date the photo was published.

Of course, all these features are currently in testing or under development and an official global release date has not been specified.

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