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iPhone 7 Plus design schematics leaked: dual camera, wireless charging & more

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iPhone 7 Plus design schematics leaked: dual camera, wireless charging & more
The rumor mill has been hot on the heels of Apple's next flagship smartphone just recently. Resident Cupertino analyst Ming-Chi Kuo kicked things off over the weekend by suggesting that the iPhone 7 will be a largely forgettable handset, before a speculative report implied that the traditional home button may be altered considerably. Japanese magazine Mac Fan as waded into the debate with some purported schematics of the 'iPhone 7 Pro'—the presumed successor to the current iPhone 6s Plus

So, what do these schematics tell us? No a lot that we don't already think we know, unfortunately. The sketches reaffirm the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, with Apple likely to utilize its purchase of Beats Electronics to sell some proprietary Lightning audio gear. The leak also underlines the notion of a dual rear camera set-up, which we've heard on a number of occasions over the past months. 

It has been suggested that the predominantly metallic iPhone design may be shelved in favor of a glass-clad front-and-back set-up, somewhat akin to the iPhone 4 and 4s. The schematics here seem to indicate that the dimensions of the iPhone 7 Plus will not change from the current model, though don't offer a clear picture of whether the design will be altered. The three small holes to the bottom of the rear shell suggest wireless charging will be forthcoming, though. 

It's looking increasingly likely that the iPhone 7 family will offer evolutionary tweaks rather than any radical enhancements, as Apple saves the big changes for 2017's model. Should this be the case, Kuo's recent utterences may be right on the money, and the recent drop in iPhone sales may continue if the next-gen model can only muster rudimentary improvements. 


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