Dual-camera iPhone 7 Pro with Smart Connector tipped again, no dual speakers or thinner design

iPhone 7 Plus image, again rumored to feature Smart Connector, but no stereo speakers or thinner des
A few weeks ago, iPhone 7 spy shot schematics allegedly leaked from Catcher, the Taiwanese maker of all things phone, chassis and metal. The company makes the unibody HTC phones, and is often probed with test batches of possible premium designs, including by Samsung itself. Catcher allegedly concocted the iPad mini chassis, and has reportedly been part of the iPhone 6 design process, so apparently it has some kind of a relationship with Apple, and it's not hard to believe that it might be working with it on the iPhone 7 as well.

The Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which often leaks iPhone-related info based on supply chain sources, now claims that both those Catcher schematics, and the leaked dual-camera chassis of an alleged iPhone 7 Pro that you see below, are the real deal, and this is largely how the iPhone 7 will take shape as well. The source says that these three dots at the bottom are part of the Smart Connector setup that will make a cameo on the new iPhones, just like it did on the iPad Pro line. 

Surprisingly enough, Mac Otakara shoots down the rumor that the iPhone 7 line will be much thinner than the current crop, or that it will have stereo speakers after eschewing the standard audio jack. It does confirm the dual-camera setup on the back, though, so we can't wait to see the real thing, and what Apple might have done with two camera modules.

source: MacOtakara (translated)

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