Poll: How much would you pay for a smartphone case?

Poll: How much would you pay for a smartphone case?
Smartphones are so fragile these days that unless you buy one of those rugged rubberized models (which are several generations behind in the camera and chipset departments) you definitely need a case.

Actually, we did a survey some time ago asking you about the case situation, and the results were unanimous. Almost 80% of the respondents said they use a case all the time, with another 10% slapping the protective add-on on specific occasions, and during the “brand-new” phase of their phone.

So, we get it - cases are a necessity born out of our vanity (we pushed the glass sandwich design forward, and we - tech journalists - are partly responsible, too). There’s no denying that glass phones look good (until you touch them) but all potential aesthetic benefits are defeated by the need to protect that slab of glass with a case.

Let’s not slide down the negative drain and plug our metaphorical bathtubs with some pros. Cases give us a chance to customize our otherwise boring phones (they all look the same anyway), and you can choose any color you like, add your favorite brand in the mix, show off your hobbies and interests, etc.

See! It’s not all bad. Plus, most of the cases are doing a great job of protecting your phone. Then we arrive at the “money” part of the equation. You’ve already spent north of $1000 on a flagship phone, how much would you pay to get a case for it?

There is such a huge variety of models, colors, materials, and designs that prices also fluctuate quite a bit. You can get a cheap silicone case for under $10, and at the other side of the spectrum, you can very well spend hundreds of dollars on a Prada case, or a crocodile leather smartphone cover, a shiny Swarovski crystal case, or something with gold, platinum, or diamonds in the mix.

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Today we’re asking you what your budget is when buying a smartphone case. Be honest and tell us the truth! We won’t judge. I once spent about $50 on a rugged case but that’s pretty much my upper limit. What about you? Share your thoughts on smartphone cases in general in the comments below. What’s your favorite case?

How much would you pay for a smartphone case?

Less than $10
$10 to $20
$20 to $30
$30 to $40
$40 to $50
$50 to $99.99
More than $100
Other (in the comments)

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