Poll: What is the ideal screen size for you (2022 edition)?

Poll: What’s the ideal screen size for you (2022 edition)?
Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger each year, and what was huge once, now is considered compact. Just take a look at this poll from 8 years ago. The ideal screen size back then was 5 inches, with the 4.7-inch option a close second.

Today you’d be hard pressed to find a smartphone with a screen size under 5 inches, and if you manage to get one, it will most likely bear the “compact” or the “mini” moniker. So, yeah - times they are a-changin’.

Let’s try to adjust our technology clocks accordingly, and find out what’s the ideal screen size in 2022. For this poll 5-inch should be the smallest option but for all iPhone SE fans out there, we should include a “smaller” radio button as well.

Now, the poll from 2014 was pretty specific when it comes to inches, but with so much variety nowadays, we can’t just add 6.78” and be done with it. Let’s add some range in the middle territory of this poll.

As always, feel free to address any severe omissions in the comment section below, and also share your personal experience with modern smartphones. Are they too big for one-handed use?

What's the ideal screen size for you?

5" - 5.4"
5.4" - 6"
6"- 6.4"
6.4" - 7"
6.4" - 7" (foldable)
Larger than 7"
Larger than 7" (foldable)

Another wild card in this equation are foldable phones. We included a foldable option to the poll as well - it’s a completely different category. My favorite screen size is for example 5.4-6 inches but if we’re talking about foldables, I wouldn’t mind going 7+.

Vote away, and let’s see if smartphone manufacturers are getting it right!

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