Poll: What will phones look like in 2025? Pretty much the same...

Poll: What will phones look like in 2025?
UPDATE: Our worst fears have come true! Smartphone design will stay the same forever! At least, according to the majority of the voters. Now, dramatic overreactions aside, it's true that the candy bar design is hard to beat both in functionality and also when we talk about durability (now that curved displays are being slowly phased out). Battery technology is another major setback as many of you have correctly pointed out, alongside the need for a visual interface aka screen. It looks like we'll be discussing notches, cutouts, camera systems and chipset clock speeds for the next couple of years...

Ah, the future! It’s coming so fast that sometimes you just can’t get a hold of what’s happening. Not in the smartphone world, though. We can argue for hours but the fact of the matter is that smartphone design has been pretty stale in the past couple of years.

Granted, we now have our foldable smartphones, and it looks like this will be the next big wave in smartphone innovation, but is this the best tech companies can do, really? Just take a tablet and fold it in half. Or take a regular phone and make it square…

We’ve talked a lot about the limitations and restrictions of having a big rectangular display on a smartphone. Basically, designers have to build the phone around the display, and there’s not much creative freedom left in the first place.

There’s a piece called “The future of the phone - crazy concepts that will blow your mind” that I wrote some time ago, and actually some of these crazy concepts are coming into fruition in one form or another. The rollable concept, for example, has been implemented in a real-world device (even though you still can’t buy one).

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Now, 2025 is not so far in the future, although it sounds quite futuristic. I remember reading a Pif comic book when I was 4 years old, and it was a “look into the future” edition with the year 2001 on the cover (it was back in 1986, I believe).

And there was some crazy stuff in it - robot servants, flying cars, holographic displays. Not artistic representations but some concept models as well. 40 years later some of these are still quite far-fetched.

But I digress, today we’re asking you what phones will look like in 2025. And this poll is much more open to interpretation and can’t be confined in the chains of half a dozen predefined answers. I’m gonna put some ideas in the poll nevertheless but please share your thoughts in the comments. Let your imagination run free! Or be objective and analytical. 

What will phones look like in 2025?

Pretty much the same as today
Every model will be a foldable
Phones will be wearable (glasses, bands, watches, rings)
Rollable phones will take over
Phones will have holographic displays
Transparent phones!
Other (in the coments)

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