Google's Pixel 7 Pro passes exhaustive durability test but only barely

Google's Pixel 7 Pro passes exhaustive durability test but only barely
If you've ever passed an exam by the smallest of margins after disregarding a certain academic discipline or focusing on the wrong learning material, you'll probably empathize with the Pixel 7 Pro's durability issues discovered and highlighted in a new JerryRigEverything video.

Although we can't say Google focused on the "wrong" things by refining the already premium design of its 2021 flagship and improving both the software experience and processing power for this year's undeniably eye-catching stock Android 6.7-incher, it's pretty clear that the search giant paid little to no attention to scratch and bend resistance during the 7 Pro's development process.

Just as popular YouTuber and professional smartphone torturer Zack Nelson appears to have anticipated, the large and decidedly conspicuous all-metal glossy camera module on the back of the Pixel 7 Pro is unnervingly easy to scratch.

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We're talking about a situation in which Google may as well ship the handset with a pre-installed protective cover. Unfortunately, that's obviously not the case (pun intended) at the moment, so don't be surprised if your hot new Pixel 7 Pro instead comes pre-scratched right out the box.

What's even worse is that the entire rear panel seems unusually susceptible to (cosmetic) damage from sharp objects like razor blades, and if you're still not convinced you absolutely need to put a case on this bad boy immediately after you buy it, the results of Nelson's famous (and infamous) bend test are also quite worrying.

While the Pixel 7 Pro doesn't snap in half like a twig, cracker, the Nexus 6P, or the OnePlus 10 Pro under the pressure of two human hands, its long-term durability might prove to be one or two steps behind what the Pixel 6 Pro and even the budget-friendly Pixel 6a can offer.

That's because the new ultra-high-end phone does flex quite a bit more than anticipated, almost certainly losing its water resistance and remaining decidedly crooked after just a couple of bend attempts. While you can obviously never really know how much pressure is exerted during such unscientific experiments, it's quite clear that the Pixel 7 Pro is simply not as well-built as some of its direct rivals (and relatives), requiring particularly close care in order to survive a "normal" life cycle of two or three years.

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