There's nothing divisive about this awesome Pixel 4 XL deal at AT&T

There's nothing divisive about this awesome Pixel 4 XL deal at AT&T
Google's jumbo-sized Pixel 4 XL is hardly flawless, but at least until the surprisingly good-looking Pixel 4a (and presumably, 4a XL) come out, this 6.3-inch Snapdragon 855 powerhouse remains the number one choice for those seeking a top-shelf camera and silky smooth Android experience.

Heavily discounted many times around the holidays with and without strings attached, the somewhat divisive phone combining the aforementioned state-of-the-art SoC with 6 gigs of memory and 64 gigs of storage space in its entry-level configuration can once again be purchased at a crazy low price... as long as you don't have a problem meeting a couple of special requirements.

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First and foremost, you'll need to be fine with signing up a 30-month AT&T installment plan, which obviously also means you'll be paying for your hot new "pure Google" phone over the course of two and a half years without having to cough up anything upfront. Anything besides the usual taxes and activation fees, that is, the former of which will be calculated based on the handset's regular price.

That's a whopping $959.99, mind you, of which you'll receive a substantial 660 bucks in the form of bill credits applied in equal amounts to your account over the aforementioned period of two and a half years. In other words, you're looking at spending a measly $300 all in all after 30 monthly payments of $10 a pop. That's naturally for the entry-level 64GB storage variant of the Pixel 4 XL in your choice of "Just Black", "Clearly White", or "Oh So Orange" hues, while the 128 gig configuration is unfortunately still available at its $1,080 (or $36 a month) list price at the time of this writing.

The final but absolutely essential condition you need to meet to be able to buy a powerful Google Pixel 4 XL at a marked-down price of 300 bucks is adding a line of unlimited AT&T service to a new or existing account. That's it. That's the deal.

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