Google confirms new Nest products for October 6 event, and a low-cost Chromecast leaks out

Google confirms new Nest products for October 6 event, and a low-cost Chromecast leaks out
Google probably chose the right time to announce the official full presentation date of its already pre-unveiled Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch, avoiding a potentially fatal overlap (from a media attention standpoint) with today's highly anticipated iPhone 14 family launch event.

But somewhat inexplicably, the search giant initially neglected to mention yesterday that new Nest-branded smart home devices are also set for a formal October 6 announcement.

These unnamed "additions to the Nest smart home portfolio" are now confirmed... with no other details whatsoever revealed at the moment, although thanks to WinFuture writer and serial leaker Roland Quandt, we think we have a pretty good idea of what one new member of that family will bring to the table next month.

An even cheaper Chromecast is coming soon

If the existing Chromecast with Google TV, originally released back in the fall of 2020, feels too rich for your blood at a retail price of $49.99, worry not as a slightly humbler video streaming dongle is reportedly "appearing at the first dealers" in Europe.

That obviously means a commercial debut is right around the corner, and were it not for Google's October 6 event, we'd probably speculate about an even earlier launch.

While a number of details continue to stay under wraps on a device first rumored all the way back in January, a recommended price point "around" the €40 mark on the old continent and the absence of 4K Ultra HD support seem virtually etched in stone already.

In case you're wondering, the aforementioned "Chromecast with Google TV" normally costs €69.99 in Germany, for instance, with the 2018-released "regular" Chromecast still priced at, you guessed it, €39.

That almost definitely means we're looking at a 2022 replacement for the entry-level Chromecast here, likely to start at the same $29.99 price as its archaic predecessor in the US with 1080p video playing capabilities at 60 frames per second and, for the time being, a completely unknown set of upgrades.

What else could Google hide up its sleeve for October 6?

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea how to answer that question as far as new smart home products are concerned. But since the company is teasing the impending arrival of "additions" (in the plural) to said Nest smart home portfolio, we can certainly speculate that Big G's smallest smart speaker might get a new edition next month.

The hugely successful Nest Mini was last refreshed (in terms of both specifications and official branding) back in 2019, and with the Google Home Mini originally released just two years earlier, a third generation is arguably overdue.

The same can definitely be said about the gargantuan Nest Hub Max smart display, which also saw daylight in 2019, although instead of a simple and straightforward sequel to that device, Google could unveil a docking accessory of some sort in charge of seamlessly turning the upcoming Pixel Tablet into a smart home gadget with a large screen.

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Of course, said Pixel Tablet is still only expected to go on sale sometime next year, so it remains unclear if the apparent Android-based mid-ranger will be present in any way, shape, or form at Google's big live fall product launch event.

Either way, the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and the Pixel Watch are still guaranteed to headline said glamorous October 6 affair, with a slim but real chance that the mythical Pixel Fold will also get a mention, a teaser, or a shoutout ahead of a probable spring 2023 release.

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