Videos show how to change the watch face and check your blood pressure on the GalaxyWatch 3

Videos show how to change the watch face and check your blood pressure on the GalaxyWatch 3
Have you recently purchased a Samsung GalaxyWatch 3? If so, you might not understand how you can change the watch face on the device. That is one of the best features on a smartwatch, the ability to customize the look of the watch to meet a special event. Let's say that you are planning on having an important business meeting and need to look like a million bucks or two. There is no need to change your watch; simply put on another face. 

The Samsung GalaxyWatch 3 has over 50,000 watch faces to choose from!

The Samsung GalaxyWatch 3 has over 50,000 watch faces "that match its sleek body so that you can enjoy a smartwatch personalized to your taste." And if you're not sure how to choose a new face, you can simply watch the first video that accompanies this article. First, to edit your face you need to long-press it (your watch face that is). Rotate the bezel clockwise to run through your options. Another way to run through your watch faces is to rotate the bezel until you get to the Galaxy Store widget. Open the app and find a watch face that you like (in this case the Tomcat) and install it. And there is yet another way to browse through watch faces. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device and select a watch face personalized to your taste.

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The Samsung GalaxyWatch 3 also will monitor the user's blood pressure and Samsung explains how in another recently disseminated YouTube video. Rotating the bezel will bring up the blood pressure widget. To take advantage of this feature, you must first install the Samsung Health Monitor app on your handset; a reminder will appear on the watch. After the app is installed, the user will create a profile.

We are often asked by readers about the accuracy of blood pressure tests and other medical readings obtained from a smartwatch. Samsung notes that users should not change their medications or dosages based on watch readings which is a roundabout way of questioning how accurate these tests are. Always speak to your doctor first before making any changes. And if you are measuring your BP using the GalaxyWatch 3, 30 minutes before taking the test make sure that you do not consume any caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine. Additionally, there should be no exercising 30 minutes before taking the test. And if you are pregnant, Samsung suggests that you avoid measuring your blood pressure using the GalaxyWatch 3. You'll need to purchase a blood pressure cuff that meets regulatory standards, and the watch should fit snugly on your wrist. The cuff should be applied on the arm that is opposite the one the watch is on. The app will tell you (via your phone) when to start the test. While the test is taking place, the person being tested must be still and refrain from talking.

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Once the reading appears on the phone, you will be asked to type in the numbers on the app to confirm the reading. Samsung recommends that the test be run three times in order to calibrate the watch and obtain an accurate blood pressure reading. You only need to calibrate the GalaxyWatch 3 one time every four weeks; once the timepiece is calibrated a simple tap of the "measure" button is all that will be needed to get your blood pressure in the future. The Health Monitor app will record all of the readings, make notes, and share the figures with medical professionals that you select.

The Samsung GalaxyWatch 3 is available with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth/Wi-Fi + 4G LTE. There are two sizes, 41mm and 45mm. Color options are Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver and both colors start shipping on September 1st.

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