Samsung throws epic discounts on these Galaxy Watch 5 models

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Samsung throws epic discounts on these Galaxy Watch 5 models
Are you looking for ways to complete your Samsung ecosystem at a bargain? In that case, we might be able to help you. We have early access to an incredible Discover Samsung Fall Sale deal on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition. If you wish to take advantage, just follow the designated link below.

If you pull the trigger right now, you can treat yourself to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf at 16% off its regular price. If you just want a stylish smartwatch and don’t care for golf, you can choose the LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch 5. These are instant savings valid without trade-ins.

Get the Galaxy Watch 5, 40mm, BT and LTE, and save at Samsung

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to save big on the Galaxy Watch 5. This awesome wearable is currently available for a $100 cheaper price. And if you trade in a similar eligible device, you can get up to $155 off as extra savings. Get it now and save big.
$74 99
$329 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition: save big at Samsung

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition is also on sale as part of the Discover Samsung Fall Sale event. You can now get it at 16% off its price tag. The retailer sells it with a lifetime subscription to the Smart Caddie app for free! Take advantage while you can.
$199 99
$499 99
Buy at Samsung

As usual, things are much spicier when it comes to trade-in savings. If you have a used wearable in good condition, spare it and get up to $155 off as an instant trade-in credit. If that’s not a wonderful deal, we don’t know what is! Of course, not everyone cares for some of the latest gadgets. If you're one of those people, you might appreciate Walmart's deal on the timeless Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Get the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, BT, 46mm, and save

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is now available for just $179 at Walmart. If you're looking for an awesome deal on this older but capable wearable, we suggest you pull the trigger while you can.
$283 49
Buy at Walmart

It may be a year old, but the Galaxy Watch 5 is still one of the best smartwatches money can buy. It runs on Wear OS 3.5, which is intuitive to use. You can easily navigate through the countless apps and features even though the piece lacks the beloved bezel.

Similarly to its predecessor, this smartwatch features a BioActive sensor and various other sensors. It provides accurate readings into your body, showing your body fat, skeletal muscle, and other metrics. Moreover, the Galaxy Watch 5 can also be the ideal sleep coach. Samsung equipped it with an Advanced Sleep Coaching function that guides your way to achieving better sleep.

Health and wellness insight is indeed what the South Korean giant intended the Galaxy Watch 5 for. So, this piece can track over 90 different activities, and it also features auto workout-tracking functions. 

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Battery-wise, the wearable offers a better battery than its predecessor. We've tested this sleek device's endurance and can safely say it should last you about a full day and a night before you need to worry about a power outlet. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition is intended for those who like golf, no way around it. In fact, the device even comes with a lifetime subscription to the Smart Caddie app on Samsung. The wearable comes with various automatic tracking functions for when you play, giving you better insight into your performance and improvement.

Whichever wearable you decide to go for, know that all options we've presented give you good value for money and should make a worthwhile investment. So, if you don't feel like waiting for the next big shopping event to score some savings, now might be the ideal time to treat yourself to a Samsung smartwatch at a bargain.

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