Here's the closest look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 'night-breaking' camera kit yet

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The Samsung Unpacked 2022 event date was officially announced today and with it we can look forward to the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 series unveiling with all the modern bells and whistles the world's biggest phone maker can muster.

The Galaxy S22 Unpacked event tеaser trailer may be all about the S22 Ultra's camera as you can see in the video above, with numerous mentions how it will "break the rules of light" or "break through the night" and other photon-busting shenanigans.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra's low-light pictures and video

Midway through the video the viewer clearly stops at what appears to be a dark tunnel where they are able to view whom the dangerous flickering eyes lurking in the dark belong to, or are able to shine a light on the darkened landscape upon exiting the tunnel upon snapping with a hand camera gesture.

These are with little doubt all allusions to the low-light sensitivity and the HDR algorithms of the upcoming Galaxy S22 series camera, specifically targeting the one on the S22 Ultra which we already heard will feature a custom 108MP main sensor. While it is still supposed to be an ISOCELL HM3 affair like the one on the S21 Ultra, rumor has it that it has been tuned up additionally for performance by Samsung.

Perhaps what the Unpacked trailer is alluding to is the speculation that the main S22 Ultra camera will now have wider aperture with brighter lens on top of the sensor that will be able to let in more photons for sharper, non-blurry images. This is clearly what the video recording segment in Samsung's teaser above it referring to as well with a bright and well-defined moving subject appearing in the frame.

Alternatively, Samsung may be hinting at the rumored huge improvement in the S22 Ultra image stabilization, to the tune of a whopping 48% shake reduction and movement compensation compared to its predecessor.

It's not clear if Samsung will achieve this via some sort of what Apple calls Sensor Shift stabilization in the iPhone 13 models, or another technique, but it is obvious that Samsung will be going for Apple's video capture crown.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra camera hardware

We've had two S22 series camera specs and design leaks today, with one listing every single bit of the S22 Ultra camera hardware that we didn't already know, while the other from Ishan Agarwal showed a full-res camera kit image of the Ultra up close and personal with every minor detail visible.

From top to bottom and then to the right, these could be the full Galaxy S22 Ultra camera specs:

  • 12 MP (ultra wide angle, 120°, f/2.2, 13mm, 1/2.55", 1.4 µm, 2PD, AF)
  • 108 MP (main camera, 85°, f/1.8, 2PD, OIS)
  • 10 MP (Telephoto, 11°, f/4.9, 230mm, 1/3.52", 1.12 µm, 2PD, OIS)
  • 10 MP (Telephoto, 36°, f/2.4, 69mm, 1/3.52", 1.12 µm, 2PD, OIS)

In these descriptions 2PD stands for Samsung's dual pixel phase detection autofocus (PDAF) that brings sharper, clearer images even before we throw in the upgraded optical image stabilization count that reportedly reduces shake by 48% compared to what the Galaxy S21 Ultra is capable of.

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The 10MP zoom camera with 230mm equivalent in the specs is none other than the 10x periscope magnification camera that gained our critical acclaim in most every camera comparison that the Ultra participated in, save for the dustup with Google's Pixel 6 Pro that uses some insane algorithmic trickery to clear up its periscope-zoomed shots even though it nominally has a lower level of magnification than the S22 Ultra would be having.

That periscope camera is at the bottom, and we can't wait to pit the seemingly very close in terms of hardware specs S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra cameras when we get our grubby mitts on Samsung's latest and latest one of these days.

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