The day of the Galaxy S11 event leaked (again), launching alongside AirPods Pro killers

The day of the Galaxy S11 event leaked (again), launching alongside AirPods Pro killers
Well, we are about to hit 2020, which means that the new wave of exciting phone announcements is not far off! Traditionally, Samsung unveils its new Galaxy S for the year within the first quarter, and 2020 will most likely be no different.

For some time now, Samsung has strayed away from announcing its phones at the annual MWC superconference in Barcelona. Instead, Sammy holds its own event to make sure that the limelight doesn't stray from its own keynote. Then, it uses MWC as a platform to demonstrate and allow prolonged hands-on sessions with its products.

Galaxy S11 (Galaxy S20?) to be unveiled 2 weeks before MWC

Previously, we believed the special date would be February 18th. But, according to a veiled leak coming from Israeli website Girafa (Google Translate), the new Galaxy S11 family will be revealed on the 11th of February, two weeks before MWC 2020 kicks off, at an event in San Francisco. From what we understand, the information comes from a Samsung website backend, but we can not confirm this.

Currently, we are expecting to see three new devices — the respective successors of the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+. But it's worth noting that Girafa's leak only mentions a "standard model" and "pro model". Either something got lost in translation, or Samsung is actually planning to scale down on the crazy amount of flagships, which — personal opinion here — might actually be good.

We are still unsure whether the new line will be called Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20. The latter name was suggested by leakster Ice Universe, but we're not convinced just yet.

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Samsung to take on the AirPods Pro

The event won't be solely focused on the Galaxy S11, however. Whispers along the grapevine say that Samsung has a new model of Galaxy Buds in the pipeline. Reportedly, they'd be called the Galaxy Buds Plus, they would be smaller, with longer-lasting batteries, and will feature active noise cancelation.

This is, of course, a much-needed answer to the Apple AirPods Pro, which are being loved and praised by fans for the powerful sound and noise cancelation all in such a small form factor. The Galaxy Buds' size isn't an issue for everybody, but they certainly have been mocked in some parts of the Internet.

The future of the future: Galaxy Fold 2 reveal?

Additionally, we might get our very first glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It would be really interesting to see where Samsung takes this line, especially since the nightmarish launch of the 2019 Galaxy Fold.

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According to leaks, there are four very exciting things that the Fold 2 would have — it will fold vertically like the Motorola razr (2019), it could be the first phone with an under-the-screen camera, it might feature a glass screen (instead of the current flexible and scratchable plastic), which would be a pretty incredible feat, and it would actually be cheaper. Optimistic whispers claim a price tag of less than $1,000, which kind of sounds unbelievable. The technology is still too fresh and it'll probably still be a pain to mass-produce those, so a low price-tag just doesn't seem likely. But hey, even if it meets the Moto razr (2019) at that $1,500 price point, it'd still be pretty great.

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