Galaxy A54 and A34 colors: all the official hues

Galaxy A54 and A34 colors: all the official hues
The Galaxy A54 and A34 are now finally here! As usual, we've got a multitude of leaks detailing what to expect from Samsung's next mid-range phones, but now, all is official. In this article, we'll be talking about the official colors the two phones are available in, with one main aim - to help you choose which one to go for.

Picking your next phone in a color you like is very important. We know that most people put a case on anyway, especially now that the Galaxy A54 features a glass back (the A34 is still "glasstic"), but despite that, some people carry their phones around without cases.

Anyway, choosing the right color you will enjoy looking at and will complement your personality and style is important. Now, without further ado, let's jump straight into the Galaxy A54 and A34 colors.

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Galaxy A54 and A34 colors

The two phones have almost the same colors with one difference. The A54 is available in Awesome Lime, Awesome Graphite, Awesome Violet, and Awesome White, while the A34 5G is available in Awesome Lime, Awesome Graphite, Awesome Violet, and Awesome Silver.

So basically, the two phones match colors and only the Awesome White and Awesome Silver are different. There's a slight difference in the Awesome Violet as well, as you'll see on the official render images, and this difference may be visible more under certain lighting conditions, so do keep that in mind. Now, onto the colors!

Galaxy A54 and A34 in Awesome Lime

Available for both phones

Both phones share the Awesome Lime color option. This color is fresh and youthful, a bright light green shade. The frame of the phone and the rim surrounding each camera lens is painted in a marching shade for a seamless and fresh look.

You might be interested in this color if you want something different for your phone this year. It is a trendy-looking color that will attract attention.  

Galaxy A54 and A34 in Awesome Graphite

Available for both phones

The Awesome Graphite color is a classic one. It's a black option, looking great for more of a professional setting. Basically, it will produce the opposite reaction to the Awesome Lime: won't turn heads or attract attention. If you're more on the business looks side, you will like this color.

Again, the frame and the camera lens rims are painted in the same shade. As you know, black is never out of style, so if you're done with bright colors, this is the option for you this year.

Galaxy A54 and A34 in Awesome Violet

Available for both phones, A34 slightly different look
Samsung is a fan of violet or pink shades from what it seems: almost all its phone releases are rocking some sort of violet or pink color option. And the A54 and A34 are no exception.

This time, the violet looks more saturated and rich, at least judging by official renders. Keep in mind in real-life lighting conditions, it may look different. This color is quite saturated, although it's not too dark. All in all, it's a look if you're into violet or pink colors.

Galaxy A54 in Awesome White

Available only for the Galaxy A54

And we also got a white color option: another classic. White goes well with everything and is never out of style. And, you can hardly get sick of the white color (while some of the more vibrant colors may become annoying to look at in a year or two if you're the type of person to change preferences often). If you're looking for a more unassuming color for your next phone but you don't want a simple black one, then Awesome White is for you.  

Galaxy A34 in Awesome Silver

Available only for the Galaxy A34

Well, this year Samsung's put a gradient color as an option as well! This color option is very interesting and quite springy, with a touch of fashion to it. Many companies do gradient colors, but Samsung rarely does it. And this time, the company's done it quite well. The Awesome Silver will change its color depending on the lighting conditions. It features a silver frame to complement the look. Unfortunately though, the color is not available for the Galaxy A54.

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