Foldable Oppo Find N display sizes and specs leak, here's where it beats the Z Fold 3

Foldable Oppo Find N display sizes and specs leak, here's where it beats the Z Fold 3
While we are waiting with bated breath for the Oppo INNO Day 2021 event to start, where the star of the show is expected to be the company's first foldable phone, the Find N, all of the handset's hardware specs leaked out.

First some Korean display industry insiders tipped local tech publication The Elec about the Oppo Find N display specs, Evan Blass from @evleaks disclosed all the rest that wasn't known from his previous leak about the Find N.

Oppo Find N internal and external displays size and design

It looks like the Find N's vertically folding display is made by Samsung (who else), and it will be of a 7.1" diagonal, report The Elec's industry insider sources. The resolution is not mentioned but Oppo being the company that supplied the best smartphone displays this and last year, with granular 1Hz-120Hz refresh rate adjustments and dynamic wide color gamut coverage, we'd expect nothing short of breathtaking. 

The panel is indeed a 120Hz one with HDR10+ certification, as can be seen from Oppo's marketing materials here below. Not only will it the Find N have the only 120Hz LTPO panel on a non-Samsung foldable phone, but it will also employ an ultrathin glass cover, just like the Z Fold 3, unlike the other Chinese foldables that sport a polyimide plastic screen top.

While what was leaked by Evan Blass didn't tell us anything about the external display, which you would be using most of the time if you get the Oppo Find N, the Elec fills in quickly, disclosing that the outer panel will be made by BOE, and will be of a 5.45" diagonal. This will most likely make the Find N a much more compact handset than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. That's what Pete Lau of OnePlus fame who was in charge of Oppo's first foldable phone project, tipped on Friday as well. 

"We believe that a good product must first be beautiful and pleasant – simple in design, natural and comfortable in material," he said in a dedicated blog post. "It needs to offer powerful performance while maintaining an appropriate weight and size. Especially for a foldable device with a large-screen, it has to feel good in the hand. The OPPO Find N has achieved each of these," claims Mr. Lau. 

The Find N's 5.45" external display and 7.1" internal one are both lower numbers than the 6.2" and 7.6" diagonals of the Z Fold 3, so that's how Oppo may have addressed the biggest design challenge of foldables - their overall dimensions when closed. While the blog post also bragged about the unique durable hinge that Oppo has created for the Find N, the leaked specs put its durability in perspective, saying that it was tested for more than 200,000 closing actions with no issues.

Oppo Find N specs and storage

  • Foldable 7.1" 120Hz 8.4:9 aspect ratio Samsung LTPO display with 800-nit peak brightness.
  • 5.45" external display
  • Snapdragon 888
  • 8GB/245GB and 12GB/512GB storage versions
  • 50MP main camera
  • 32MP selfie camera
  • 4500mAh battery

The Oppo Find N internal display specs are perhaps the most interesting revelation here, as not only is the panel with a minimal crease, akin to Huawei's Mate X2, but also its refresh rate can go all the way down to zero. That's the first time we are hearing about such a mobile panel feature, as even the most granular dynamic refresh rate range so far has been that of the OnePlus 9 Pro that can do 1Hz-120Hz, while the big dogs like Samsung or Apple can only do 10Hz-120Hz on their latest flagships. 

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We are accustomed to see Oppo and OnePlus - phone makers under the same BBK Holding company - take a Samsung panel delivery off the conveyor belt, and apply their own controller and per-unit calibration to achieve what even the display manufacturer couldn't. Oppo did it with the Find X2 Pro first, introducing dynamic 10Hz-120Hz refresh when Samsung could only do fixed refresh, and stellar calibration thanks to its partnership with Pixelworks

Then it continued with the Find X3 Pro and the OnePlus 9 Pro which beat Samsung at its own display game, too, so we have our hopes high for the Find N, barring any unpleasant starting price tags. We will be at the Oppo INNO Day 2021 event tomorrow and on Wednesday, when the Find N is being announced, and will relay all the juicy details to you.

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