OPPO’s first foldable phone could launch as soon as December 14

OPPO’s first foldable phone could launch as soon as December 14
OPPO has managed to build up quite the hype around its rumored first shot at the foldable form factor. There is even quite a bit of leaked information on what the OPPO’s foldable smartphone could sport in terms of specs.

Well, just hours ago, an OPPO phone going by model name PEUM00 passed MIIT certification, and that’s likely our candidate for the next (first?) potential Galaxy Z Fold 3 rival. (via MyFixGuide)

Now, OPPO did make another handset that was outside of the “regular” idea of one. It was a rollable smartphone, and it looked pretty exciting, however, that technology is probably still too early in its development phase, meaning it is likely more expensive too.

OPPO is making the more logical step here, as it is a lot easier to break into a niche if someone has already made the first steps for you, which is OPPO’s case is Samsung. Not only is the hardware likely cheaper and more accessible, but foldables have already made a significant impression in the eyes of buyers, which makes it an easier sell. Otherwise, OPPO would have to rely only on first-adopter enthusiasts.

In the MIIT certification, the phone is named “OPPO Find N”, which will likely be its official name once it launches. As for the launch itself, today OPPO announced the date for OPPO INNO Day 2021—December 14th, Tuesday 4 PM (GMT+8). It could easily be a coincidence, but there is the possibility we will finally see the OPPO Find N foldable phone at this event.

As for the device itself, it is said to have a 2K 7.8-inch-8-inch tablet-sized AMOLED screen once it is fully opened. It will supposedly be capable of a 120Hz refresh rate and have a 50MP primary camera, while the selfie snapper will be 32MP.

Whatever the full set of features and specifications is, though, hopefully, we won’t have to wait any longer than until December 14th to find out if the first OPPO foldable phone will bring proper competition to Samsung.

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