Filings in multiple countries reveal possible name for Apple's mixed-reality headset

Filings in multiple countries reveal possible name for Apple's mixed-reality headset
Apple's AR/VR mixed-reality headset is now at the point where there is always speculation that the device will be introduced at the next Apple event. For example, on September 7th, Apple will be introducing the iPhone 14 range, the new Apple Watch Series 8 models, and more. Some tipsters have said that Apple's expensive $2,000-$2,500 headset will show up at the upcoming event during a "One more thing..," moment.

Apple has some of its law firms file to trademark possible names for its mixed-reality headset

Perhaps the biggest reason not to expect that to happen comes from the man who knows so much about what is going on at Apple, he can tell you what the soup of the day will be in the company cafeteria a year from today. Of course, we are talking about TF International's Ming-Chi Kuo. The reliable analyst says that Apple will lift the curtains on the product during an event in January.

Bloomberg today revealed that Apple could be deciding among several possible names for the headset. Using a process that the tech giant has employed before, possible names for the device were filed by law firms used by Apple in the past to protect the names of its devices. In the U.S., EU, U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay, the Apple-related law firms filed applications for "Reality One," "Reality Pro" and "Reality Processor."

Bloomberg discovered that the three trademarks were filed with a shell company called Immersive Health Solutions LLC, just incorporated this past February. That company in turn was registered by another shell corporation named the Corporation Trust Company. Apple's RealityOS trademark was applied for by the same firm. That happens to be the expected name of the operating system Apple developed for its mixed-reality headset and the AR Apple Glasses.

While January 2023 is still months away, the headset is supposedly having issues with the camera sensor and with software. The device is also overheating in testing. The product has a codename of N301 and a sequel model is said to have a codename of N602. The AR glasses, which many feel will be Apple's next big thing, have a codename of N421 although both the sequel AR/VR headset and the AR glasses both might not be ready for years.

The "Reality One" and "Reality Pro" names could indicate that Apple will release two different variants of the headset including a premium "Pro" version that will have more features and cost more money. The "Reality Processor" name could refer to the M2 Apple Silicon chipset that will power the headset. The device is expected to come with 16GB of RAM and will run VR versions of some Apple apps like Maps and FaceTime.

Apple's "Next Big Thing" might finally be introduced in January

The device will allow users to play games with other headset wearers and Apple will focus on providing streaming content for the headset including movies and games. In case you're not familiar with Virtual Reality (VR), it allows the headset wearer to interact with a world that is not real. Augmented reality (AR) takes a real-life feed and superimposes a layer of data over it.

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A good example of AR is Google Maps Live View which can be used when using walking directions. The phone's rear camera delivers a live feed while arrows are overlaid on that feed to show you the direction to walk. In addition, landmarks are named on the screen. Apple has already disseminated its RealityKit to developers to help them build AR apps for the headset.

With Apple about to unveil its next iteration of the iPhone with the iPhone 14 series, the company might not want to have its new handsets share the spotlight with the long-awaited mixed-platform headset. So if you're dying to own Apple's next big thing, you'll have to wait five months before this product sees the light of day. But all of this waiting will make the actual unveiling much sweeter, right?

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