Amazon throws a crazy-good EcoFlow DELTA 2 deal; save $400 on one now

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Amazon throws a crazy-good EcoFlow DELTA 2 deal; save $400 on one while you can
When independent power supply meets the right asking price, you’ve got a true winner. With the EF EcoFlow DELTA 2, you get just that, all thanks to Amazon’s jaw-dropping 40% markdown. No, we’re not pulling any punches! The superb all-rounder indeed sells at its second-best price at the e-commerce giant, offered at $400 off its MSRP of $999, only for a short while. 

Update: Amazon's offers have already expired. But guess what? You can now save even more on the amazing DELTA 2 at Walmart! This seller offers the 1024Wh station at $430 off its price tag through its Flash Deal.

Get the EcoFlow DELTA 2 at $400 off on Amazon

With its 1024Wh capacity with expandable options, 0-80% charging in just 50 minutes, and 15 outlets, the DELTA 2 is one of the best portable power stations on the market. It uses a LFP battery pack, giving you an impressive up to 10 years of daily use before capacity drops to 80%. The station delivers continuous 1800W output power (2700W surge) and is the ideal all-rounder for home backup power. The best part? It now sells at its second-best price on Amazon! Get one at $400 off while you can!

EcoFlow DELTA 2 + 220W Solar Panel: NOW $770 OFF!

Make your backup home power generator a solar generator and go even greener! The EcoFlow DELTA + 220W Bifacial solar panel bundle now sells at a humongous 47% cheaper price, saving you as much as $770! The limited-time deal is live on Amazon. The DELTA 2 supports a huge 1000W total solar input, meaning you can charge it via four 220W bifacial solar panels in just 2.3 hours. The solar generator also works with 2X 400W solar panels. Make the most out of your backup home power supply and go greener without breaking the bank! Get the station + panel bundle at $770 now!

Get the EcoFlow DELTA 2 at $430 off on Walmart

Amazon's deal on the EcoFlow DELTA 2 has expired. But you can now save even more on this highly powerful unit on Walmart! That's right, this seller has an even better deal on the 1024Wh station, selling it at $430 off through this Flash Deal. The station offers ultra-fast recharging (0-80% is reached in just 80 minutes!), 15 outlets, and it has a LFP battery pack. This lets you use it for up to 10 years before capacity drops to 80%. With its high and stable 1800W output power and 2700W surge, it's an ideal all-rounded for any family! Don't miss out on this amazing deal.
$998 99
Buy at Walmart

This 1024Wh portable power station has been cheaper than now only once, which wasn’t even this year! With its impressive output power, fast charging options, and 15 total outlets, it deserves a spot among the best portable power stations on the market. So, if you need reliable power for your most essential appliances during blackouts or camping, you won’t make the wrong choice by getting this large-sized fella.

However you look at it, this product is pretty much everything you could possibly need from a portable power station. It features a LiFePO4 battery pack inside, making it one of the more reliable and long-lasting products on the market. According to EcoFlow, it offers 3,000+ charges before capacity drops to 80%. This lets you use it daily for as many as 10 years. 

A must-have backup home power assistant

Evidently, this tech is made to last. But the DELTA 2 is more than just a long-lasting battery. It also supports expansions. Using its compatible Smart Extra Battery, you can expand the 1024Wh capacity to an even more remarkable 3kWh.

But what can you charge with it? Simply put, almost everything! It’s suitable for 90% of home appliances, delivering continuous 1800W power through six AC outlets (2700W surge). This lets you run a 1000W coffee maker for close to an hour, cook a meal on an 1150W electric grill for up to 0.7 hours, or keep the lights of a 110W TV on for a solid eight hours before you need a top-up.

You also have two USB-C (100W) ports, four USB-A ports, and three DC ports. For context, these let you charge your phone 89 times, top-up laptops 16 times, keep a 10W router on for almost 60 hours, etc. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is! 

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When your 27 lbs station runs out of power, you can juice it back to 80% in as little as 50 minutes, while 0-100% battery is reached in just 80 minutes. Of course, you can also charge it via solar power or rely on your vehicle to top-up your indispensable backup home power assistant. Additionally, you can control your DELTA 2 wirelessly via its companion app.

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