DOOM spin-off coming to iOS and Android in March

DOOM spin-off coming to iOS and Android in March
One of the best first-person shooters of all time, DOOM, has found its way to just about any gaming platform, including iOS and Android. The first two games in the series, DOOM and DOOM II, were successfully ported on mobile a few years ago. In fact, the original game has been available on iOS since 2009, but Android users had to wait 10 more years to be able to play it.

Despite the fact that many smartphone makers have started to invest in devices specifically designed for gaming, some games are never meant to be played on mobile. DOOM 3 might or might not be one of these games, only its developers can say whether a mobile version of their game is feasible.

What we do know is that Bethesda is launching yet another DOOM game on mobile, and it’s not a traditional first-person shooter as many would have expected. Mighty DOOM is a top-down arcade shooter developed by Alpha Dog Games, set in the DOOM animated universe.

Players take on the role of the Mini Slayer, veritable plastic collectible that was brought to life by the so-called Argent energy. Fully customizable from head to toe, the Mini Slayer, just like its bigger sibling from the DOOM series, is a demon-slaying machine.

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The game features a one-touch control scheme and an upgrade system designed to allow players to customize their Mini Slayers according to the enemies they encounter as they venture future through Mighty DOOM’s levels.

Legendary weapons, powerful abilities and upgraded gear are the things what will keep the Mini Slayer alive while fighting the forces of Hell. The original, DOOM spin-off is scheduled to release on iOS and Android on March 21, but only in select countries.

Those interested can pre-register right now to get notified when the game launches to play and collect their free Mini Slayer’s pack, which includes skins, keys and in-game currency. Pre-registration ends on March 19, but those who play the game starting March 21 through April 20 qualify for the free Mini Slayer’s Pack.

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