Poll: Do you use Beauty mode when you take selfies?

Poll: Do you use Beauty mode when you take selfies?
Beautification is a controversial subject - on one hand, it’s like wearing a digital bra - no one knows what you actually look like until they see you in person. On the other hand, this feature can save a lot of time and sometimes even replace makeup.

There are situations where a light retouch here and there is completely understandable - you might be feeling sick, have a nasty rash, or not getting enough sleep in the last couple of days.

Now, smartphones have had this feature for almost a decade, and in some cases, it’s even on by default. There are also a pretty wide variety of beautification effects baked in the selfie camera software - from removing blemishes and adjusting skin color, all the way to changing the overall geometry of your face, and making your eyes bigger.

Today we’re asking you - do you use the beauty mode on your phone when you take selfies? And what’s the reasoning behind your answer? Is it an ethical thing, or you just don’t find the technology good enough?

Do you use Beauty mode when you take selfies?

I have no idea

Bear in mind that, as we pointed out, some phones have this option switched on by default. So If you just take selfies without fiddling with the settings you should probably vote “I have no idea.”

Let the voting begin, and as always, share your thoughts on beautification in the comments below.

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