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Best wireless Bluetooth earbuds and in-ear headphones

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Best wireless Bluetooth earbuds and in-ear headphones
Wireless headphones are nothing new as this old and proven concept fits in particularly well with the nature of accessories whose purpose is to comfortably and  unobtrusively pump sound in your ears while you go by with your daily business. Truly, die-hard audiophiles probably cringe and wince at the thought of surrendering their high-end cans for Bluetooth earbuds, but this wouldn't make a difference to the average Joe out there who will certainly value the comfort and added ease of use of the wireless buds.

But which ones to buy? You'd be forgiven to be a little torn between all the options that exist n the market as device and accessory manufacturers are stepping their game and coming up with newer and newer gadgets of the type.

As we always strive to make things easy for you, we summed up some of the wireless in-ear headphones and earbuds that you should consider if you are entertaining the idea of getting yourself a set. To make matters easier for you, we've separated all the noteworthy option into different price ranges which should make it easier for you to find a neat pair for your budget.

FocusPower F10


  • Good battery life
  • Really compact


  • Not water-resistant
  • Only one color option
The Focuspower F10 is a budget offering that we would cautiously recommend. Despite that some users report the occasional connectivity issues while being outside, the majority of its owners seem to be pretty happy with these truly wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds. Apparently, these have the rather okay-ish battery life of around 4.5 hours at full volume and more than 7 hours if you dial things down and spare your ears at 40% volume. Should the earbuds run out of juice, you will have to use the included bespoke USB dongle charger that uses inductive charging to top them up, which usually takes half an hour. Similar to other gadgets in the same category, these arrive with 3 pairs of interchangeable ear tips that will help you find the best possible comfort for your ears.

Soundmoov 316T


  • True wireless stereo
  • Charging box


  • Not waterproof
  • Only one color option
The truly wireless Soundmoov 316T are a rather decent pair of earbuds that offer real wireless stereo as per the TWS (True Wireless System) standard. This means that you can enjoy true wireless stereo without the hassle of the cord. You can use either the two of the earbuds together or share one of them with, say, your phone and the other one with another Bluetooth device; of course, you can pair the two with one another and enjoy true stereo. As far as battery life goes, Soundmoov promises up to 3 hours of continuous music listening on a full charge, whereas popping these inside their 450mAh charging box will let you recharge the earbuds up to 3 times. Just like other earbuds of the same ilk, these also come with a number of additional ear caps.

Tozo T10


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Waterproof


  • Wonky design

The Tozo T10 offer great value: they offer a commendable sound quality at a very affordable pricing. They support Bluetooth 5.0 right out of the box and are watertight, making them a good match for fitness aficionados. There's also wireless charging support with the built-in case. 

Best wireless earbuds below $100

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air


  • Very impressive battery life, four mics, Bluetooth 5.0


  • Fiddly controls

These are probably your best bet for great true wireless buds under a Benjamin. The second edition of Anker's Liberty Air uses Bluetooth 5.0 and has 7 (yes, seven) hours of battery life on a charge, plus four more charges in the case. While not providing active noise cancellation, they sport 4 mics for isolating surrounding noise during calls, as well as large, diamond-coated drivers for, you guessed it, extra bass.

Best wireless earbuds above $100 and beyond

Apple AirPods 2 with charging case


  • Easy pairing
  • Good battery life
  • Dual noise-canceling mics
  • iOS/Android-compatible


  • Only one color option (white)
  • Not waterproof

You probably saw that coming, but Apple's AirPods are among the better and most versatile smart wireless earbuds you can get today. With a great battery life of up to 5 hours, fast charging (up to 3 hours of playback after a 15-min charging session), dual noise-canceling microphones that filter out background noise during calls, and compatibility with any Bluetooth device you can think of, the AirPods tick all the boxes for truly wireless earbuds. They also bring Siri straight to your ears for easier communication with the smart assistant, but this feature naturally only works when hooked up to an iPhone or an iPad. 

Sony WF-1000XM3


  • Class-leading battery life
  • Potent active noise-cancellation
  • Balanced sound
  • Easy one-tap return to noisy reality
  • Quick recharge in the case
  • Alexa and Google Assistant support


  • No moisture-resistance rating
  • In-call background noise
  • Comparatively bulky buds and case
Building on the veritable success of the crudely named WH-1000XM3 (our review here), Sony did the undoubtedly harder thing, and trued to shoehorn the technology into a pair of earbuds with active noise cancellation that are still above and beyond them all, even Apple's popular AirPods Pro

They last more on a charge and are cheaper than Apple's finest, but are bigger and less resistant to your sweat and tears while you work out. Tap on the bud, though, and immediately get a conversation through, and, with the latest software update from 11/26, Sony added Alexa support, as well the ability to adjust the volume using the headphones' touch sensor.

Apple AirPods Pro


  • Comfortable and elegant design
  • Useful Active Noise Cancellation
  • Solid sound quality
  • Flawless integration with iOS
  • Splash proof


  • Comparatively expensive

Just as long rumored, Apple stepped in the wonderful world of true wireless noise cancellation with the new AirPods Pro buds that are on top of that water resistant, so brace yourselves for people on the treadmill next to you not hearing what you are shouting at them.

We kid, as the AidPods Pro do include a transparency feature that lets a bit of the surrounding noise in, just as any self-respecting isolation headphones should, so that you can survive in traffic for longer than the next crossroad. While we were expecting the Pro to be priced above the current AirPods + Wireless Charging Case = $199 bundle, and yet below the $250 that Apple wants for its PowerBeats Pro and their whopping 9 hours of listening time, Apple went for the jugular.

Yes, the new AirPods Pro don't cost $230 (or $199 on sale) as Sony's direct WF-1000XM3 competitors, but Apple is rather pricing them directly as much as the PowerBeats Pro, even though they last less on a charge than Sony's noise-cancelling buds. They are, however, more sweat resistant and more elegant-looking than the Sony pair, plus the fit and the call quality when paired with an iPhone is some of the best out there.

Amazon Echo Buds 


  • Inexpensive
  • Good sound and call quality
  • Decent ambient noise reduction
  • Moisture-resistance
  • Great Alexa integration


  • Fiddly build and fit in the ear
  • Comparatively bulky case
  • Teething pair and connection issues

Due to the sheer power of the brand and its marketing reach, Amazon's faux-cancellation Echo Buds are proving a very popular budget alternative. They offer Bose's Noise Reduction technology which doesn't completely tune out the ambient noise but is better than earphones that simply try to isolate the sounds physically like the Galaxy Buds. In fact, anecdotal evidence from Joe Sixpack say they are good enough to cancel out the noise of the leaf blower across the street, for instance.

Unfortunately, Bose, the creator of this ANC market niche, is keeping a next generation proprietary noise-cancellation tech for its own mysterious Earbuds 700 that are to appear in 2020 and presumably climb be on top of the noise-cancelling pile but we'll review and compare when time comes.


Jaybird Run XT


  • Customizable sound
  • Fast charging


  • Only one color option
  • Battery life too short for a tethered headset
Jaybird's answer to the AirPods is more than a decent one. Their waterproof design is perfectly-tailored with sportier folks in mind as the sweat that's prevalent during workouts wouldn't damage the internals of the earbuds no matter how hard you push yourself. The battery inside will last you around 4 hours on a charge, with the battery case allowing you to charge earbuds twice more. Don't worry though - these charge quite fast, with a 5-min charge equaling to a hour of playback time. You can also only use a single bud to stay in touch with your surroundings. Thanks to the comfortable fit, these won't simply fall out during your workout, which is among the number one nuisances when working out. Aside from listening to music on these, voice calls are also on the menu. As far as sounds is concerned, you get to customize how tunes sound thanks to Jaybird's phone companion app.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+


  • Very long battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Ambient Aware works well
  • Light and comfortable
  • Wireless charging case is convenient
  • Very strong connection and range


  • Not great for phone calls
  • Touch controls aren't comfortable
  • No high water-resistance rating (only sweat-resistant)
The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ look a lot like the Galaxy Buds from last year, but meaningful improvements in key areas make them a much better product overall. The most important upgrade is the boost in battery life to 11 hours per charge, placing these among the earbuds with best battery life you can buy today. The sound quality has been improved, though the difference isn't dramatic compared to what last year's Buds already delivered. The touch controls and the phone call experience could be better, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ would be a great choice if $150 is all you have to spend on a pair of true wireless earphones.


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