Best iPhone 12/Pro home screen widgets

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Best iPhone 12 / Pro home screen widgets
With iOS 14 Apple finally introduced home screen widgets. Little pieces of information available at a glance, that can be placed alongside your home screen icons. And although Android users have had widgets since forever, better late than never.

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So, what widgets should you consider adding to your new iPhone 12's home screen? Let us help you discover the convenience of iOS 14 widgets, by suggesting some of the best ones available right now.

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The Maps widget can really save you some time if you're always on the go. During navigation, it will show suggested destinations and track your ETA right from the home screen. Alternatively, you can use the more feature-rich Google Maps app and its accompanying widgets, instead of the default maps app by Apple.


My personal favorite is Batteries, as it shows you all of your connected accessories and their respective battery lifes. For example, if you have AirPods and an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone 12, you'll see their battery life percentages along with the iPhone's battery life. It's super convenient, reducing your chance of accidentally running out of juice on any of your accessories.

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Shopping lists, reminders and anything you may wish to not forget – simply write it down in the Notes app that came with your iPhone 12, and add a Notes widget to your home screen. Every time you check your phone, your latest notes will be there for you.

Weather and Clock

Perhaps the most commonly used Android widgets will also become the most popular on iPhone as well. On iOS, Weather and Clock are two separate widgets you can add to your homescreen. Clock can be either a single clock, showing the time in your area, or a larger widget showing several time zones. As with most widgets, you can choose between three sizes, with two variants shown in the screenshot above.

Apollo for Reddit

Get your daily memes, fun facts, jokes and news from your favorite subreddits right on your homescreen, with Apollo for Reddit. This app has a ton of fun widgets to pick from, and can truly brighten your iPhone 12 experience.


The ultimate app for iOS 14 widgets, Widgetsmith can show a calendar, time, date, weather, photos, custom text and much more, in the form of homescreen widgets. You can customize the widgets' fonts, colors, size… Note that certain options are paid, though. In any case, if you're looking for maximum customization, this app is a good one to try out.

Screen Time

If you're trying to lessen your, or your kids' iPhone usage, having the Screen Time widget on the phone's home screen can be especially helpful. It shows just how much time the user has spent using the phone, as well as the apps that were used most often, with their own usage times also. Clicking it shows further daily and weekly usage statistics.

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