The best iPhone 13 mini cases - protect the last of the compact phones

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The best iPhone 13 cases you can get right now - updated August 2022
The iPhone 13 mini is the last of its kind. Apple decided to ditch the "mini" model and swap it for a huge "Plus" in the 14 series lineup. Which means there's no options for small phone fans, rather than to pull the trigger on an iPhone 13 mini, while you can find one. And if you already did so, you need to protect your iPhone 13 mini.

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What are the best iPhone 13 mini cases then? There are tons of options online, you can get an official iPhone 13 mini case from Apple, or if you want something different, opt for a third-party case. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best iPhone 13 cases you can get in 2023.

The best iPhone 13 mini cases

iPhone 13 mini official MagSafe cases

There’s nothing better than an official iPhone 13 MagSafe case to fit your tiny gem of a phone inside. This time around Apple has come up with three different ideas for MagSafe cases, and even though some might find those a bit pricey, the quality and fit are just perfect and it’s well worth the extra dollar or two.

iPhone 13 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe

The good old silicone case from Apple makes an unsurprising appearance here. If you want to add some protection and style to your iPhone 13 mini, this is the way to go.

The iPhone 13 mini silicone case with MagSafe is light and its polycarbonate construction makes it non-slippery and easy to grip. Plus, if you find the edges of your iPhone 13 mini too sharp, this silicone case will alleviate the problem - it has rounded edges and it’s comfortable to hold.

Of course, being a MagSafe accessory this iPhone 13 mini silicone case works with MagSafe chargers and other accessories such as the MagSafe leather wallet. Last but not least, the iPhone 13 mini silicone case comes in a wide variety of bright and vibrant colors - including Marigold, Chalk Pink, Pink Pomelo, Product (RED), and more.

Apple - iPhone 13 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe


iPhone 13 mini Clear Case with MagSafe

There’s a good chance that you already love the color of your new iPhone 13 mini. Then why hide it? Apple’s iPhone 13 mini Clear Case with MagSafe comes to the rescue. This case offers a unique aesthetic, showing off not only the color of the iPhone 13 mini but the MagSafe magnets, and it all looks very cool.

The iPhone 13 mini Clear Case with MagSafe is crafted from a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, and it’s scratch-resistant on the outside and inside as well - protecting your iPhone 13 mini from nasty scuffs.

This is a MagSafe case, so you can charge your iPhone 13 mini wirelessly without taking the case off, and you can attach other MagSafe accessories as well.

Apple - iPhone 13 mini Clear Case with MagSafe

$40 99
$49 99
Buy at BestBuy

iPhone 13 mini Leather Case with MagSafe

Leather is always in fashion and Apple knows it. You can up your style with the official iPhone 13 mini Leather Case with MagSafe, and also keep your iPhone 13 mini safe and sound.

This case is made from specially tanned and finished leather that will develop a noble patina over time. It’s soft to the touch and fits perfectly - with all the buttons and MagSafe magnets correctly aligned.

There are some cool colors available for this case as well - like the Dark Cherry that’s our personal favorite, and also the Gold Brown.

Apple - iPhone 13 mini Leather Case with MagSafe

Dark Cherry

Best iPhone 13 mini slim cases

Mous Limitless 4.0 Aramid Fiber iPhone 13 mini case

Thin doesn’t always mean fragile and the Limitless Aramid Fiber iPhone 13 case from Mous proves that point.

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Many of you already know Mous and its meticulous approach to phone protection so it’s no surprise that the Aramid Fiber treatment is available for the iPhone 13 mini.

This is also one of the thinnest iPhone 13 mini cases out there, being strong at the same time thanks to the premium materials (aramid fiber is often compared to kevlar), and the AiroShock impact-absorbing technology.

The Mous Limitless Aramid Fiber iPhone 13 case is MagSafe compatible, and you can also opt for other exotic materials such as bamboo, walnut, speckled leather, and more.

Mous - Protective Case for iPhone 13 Mini - Limitless 4.0

Aramid Fiber - Fully Compatible with Apple's MagSafe

Spigen - Thin Fit for Apple iPhone 13 mini

Spigen is a well-known entity in the phone case industry, and the Thin Fit cases are pure classics. The combination of a hard polycarbonate and soft polyurethane, combined with the patented AirCushon technology guarantees that your iPhone 13 mini will stay safe.

The Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 13 mini case is made in Korea from quality materials, it’s scratch resistant, and the slim fit makes it perfect for a phone such as the iPhone 13 mini. No additional bulk to the lightweight and compact design of the phone.

Last but not least, the price of the case is really affordable - the Thin Fit series is one of the best-selling Spigen case lineups of all time, which speaks for itself.

Spigen - Thin Fit for Apple iPhone 13 mini


Best iPhone 13 mini clear cases

OtterBox - Symmetry Series Clear iPhone 13 mini case

It’s only natural to want to showcase your new iPhone 13 mini, and that’s where the clear cases come in. Usually, most clear cases offer minimal drop protection but not the OtterBox Symmetry Series+.

This case is made to withstand 3X as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6). It’s also slim and sleek, and offers a perfect fit for your iPhone 13 mini.

The OtterBox Symmetry Series is MagSafe compatible, and you can use it with other MagSafe accessories. A cool bonus is the silver-based antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of many strains of common bacteria.

The one-piece design is also easy to install, and all the buttons align perfectly.

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Case for iPhone 13 Mini

Tech21 Evo Check for iPhone 13 Mini

The Tech21 Evo Check case sits somewhere between being a clear case and offering a unique style with added protection. It’s a nice blend if you ask us, and there’s plenty to like about this iPhone 13 mini case.

For starters, it’s one of the few clear cases to offer drop protection at up to 16ft. There’s also an innovative self-cleaning technology that keeps the case clean from smudges and fingerprints.

Then there’s the full MagSafe compatibility, the increased camera bump protection, and the interesting color options (you can get this case in all kinds of neon colors, still clear though).

Tech21 Evo Check for iPhone 13 Mini

Ultra-Protective Phone Case with 16ft Multi-Drop Protection

Best iPhone 13 mini rugged cases

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 13 Mini Case

When it comes to maximum protection, a rugged case is the absolute best way to go. And one of the best brands for the job is OtterBox. The company’s Defender series is one of the most critically acclaimed protective phone cases in the industry.

If you want your iPhone 13 mini to be perfectly safe, this case is your best bet. It’s rated to survive 4X as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

There are port covers that shelter your iPhone 13 mini ports from dust and other intruders, as well as raised lips to protect the screen and the camera bump.

As an added bonus, there’s also a holster that doubles as a kickstand. Granted, this case is not cheap but it’s one of the best iPhone 13 mini cases you can buy.

OtterBox Defender Series SCREENLESS Edition Case for iPhone 13 Mini

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 13 Mini Case

Another rugged classic comes from Spigen. The iPhone 13 mini Tough Armor case is your budget option to protect your compact gem.

Budget doesn’t mean inferior, especially in this case. The Tough Armor comes with a lot of bells and whistles. This case features Spigen’s patented Air Cushion technology, which acts as an airbag for your device and its corners.

The classic and tested double polycarbonate and polyurethane design is back, this time with the added protection of a newly developed foam - absorbing shocks from drops and bumps.

To top it all up, there’s a kickstand, and also raised lips for screen and camera protection. All this at a very affordable price.

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for iPhone 13 Mini Case (2021)

Navy Blue

Best iPhone 13 mini leather cases

Nomad Leather Case for iPhone 13 mini

If you're going for premium leather looks but for some reason don’t quite like Apple’s own leather case, fret not. There are other options, one of which comes from Nomad.

The Modern Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 13 mini is the epitome of luxury. It’s meticulously crafted with Rustic Brown Horween leather from the USA. Not only you’re getting a unique case like no other, but it will develop a noble patina over time, making the case even more unique.

If you’re worried about protection - stop now. The Modern Leather iPhone 13 mini case can withstand drops from up to 10ft and it has an internal bumper system to protect the corners of your phone. This case is also compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers, so you won’t need to take it off while charging your iPhone 13 mini.

Modern Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 13 mini

Binceen Case for iPhone 13 mini

This is another leather case option that is very similar to the last one. The Binceen case is a retro-looking accessory that uses soft-touch materials. Its raised bezels will protect both the camera module and the display of the iPhone 13 mini nicely. This case is a lot cheaper than the rest of the leather cases on this list, which is something to consider. It isn't the most premium one but it will get the job done.

The back of the Binceen case has 1mm thick elastic cushioning that offers better protection for the glass back of the mini iPhone. This case is offered in four color options: Black, Blue, Dark Brown, and Red.

Binceen Case for iPhone 13 mini

Best iPhone 13 mini stylish cases

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 13 mini

Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is ultra-thin. It protects its clear look by having anti-yellowing technology, which means it should stand the test of time. With this affordable case, your iPhone 13 mini’s design won’t be hidden, but it will be protected thanks to the case's raised bezels. This makes it very stylish and minimalistic. 

The hybrid technology combines a flexible bumper and a durable plastic back. There are six color options for the bumper: Crystal Clear, Frost Black, Matte Black, Red Crystal, Rose Crystal, and Sand Beige.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 13 mini

TORRAS Slim Fit for iPhone 13 mini

Stylish is often associated with thinness, that's the case with this TORRAS case too. This case is only 0.3-inches thick, which means it fits the iPhone 13 mini like a glove and barely changes the size of the phone. It is made out of anti-scratch and fingerprint materials which help keep its stylish looks. The TORRAS case also has a textured finish which makes it grippy enough.

This case is also very light, with a weight of 0.5oz, which is good as one of the reasons to buy the iPhone 13 mini is its lightness. The TORRAS case for iPhone 13 mini is available in two colors: Navy Blue and Space Black.

TORRAS Slim Fit case for iPhone 13 mini


When it comes to phone cases, there's no "best" - the perfect iPhone 13 mini case is the one that covers your particular needs. If you're the adventurous type, then the OtterBox Defender cases are hard to beat. If you like to move in style, a case from Nomad will do nicely. You're proud of your iPhone 13 mini Product (RED) color scheme? Then buy a clear case or a Product (RED) case! The good news is that there are cases for practically any scenario you could think of.

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