Apple could release iOS 17.1.1 as soon as next week to exterminate several bugs

Apple could release iOS 17.1.1 as soon as next week to exterminate several bugs
Apple is prepping iOS 17.1.1 which could be released as soon as next week to exterminate some bugs according to MacRumors who found evidence of the update in its website's analytics logs. Since it's possible that iOS 17.1.1 will be released before the final version of iOS 17.2 sees the light of day, it could feature a fix for the Wi-Fi issue that has plagued some iPhone 15 series users for a while.

This bug has prevented content from loading on certain iPhone 15 models running on a Wi-Fi connection. Others complained that when connected to a Wi-Fi signal, their iPhone 15 series handset was running too slowly. Those with an iPhone suffering with this problem were hoping that Apple would clear it up on iOS 17.1 but it did not.

A fix has surfaced in the first iOS 17.2 beta release, but there are many iPhone users who would prefer not to install a beta and the stable version of iOS 17.2 might not be available until next month. As a result, Apple could decide to include a fix for this issue and others with a release of iOS 17.1.1.

Other bugs that could be exterminated in iOS 17.1.1 include one that prevents BMW users with a handset from the iPhone 15 line from using the wireless charging pad designed for in-car charging. BMW was forced to write a letter to iPhone 15 users telling them not to use the charger on new BMW models. In addition to not charging the battery on their iPhone 15 series device, other complained that the BMW wireless charging pad made their iPhone 15 model too hot to touch.

An internal Apple memo states that using an iPhone 15 series model with the wireless charger built into some recent BMW and Toyota Supra models can disable the NFC chip inside the phone. This could stop features like Apple Pay from working and reportedly, Apple-certified techs are being told to use Apple Service Toolkit 2 software to get the NFC chip running again. If that doesn't work, an iPhone 15 series handset with this problem will have to be opened up in order to get repaired. Hopefully, Apple will address this in iOS 17.1.1.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the one that randomly turns off various iPhone models overnight. As a result, some owners of these devices would end up oversleeping since the alarm they had set the previous evening before going to bed would be disabled once the phone shut down. For all we know, some important Doctor appointments were missed and perhaps several iPhone users were late for work the next day.

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