Apple's latest iPhone XR ad is colorful, fast-paced, and largely forgettable

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Whether the iPhone XR is selling like hotcakes or... not, Apple is definitely going the extra mile to boost the exposure of the company’s cheapest 2018 handset by aggressively promoting trade-in deals, giving the device away to Ellen Show audiences, and putting together a brand-new 60-second or so commercial.

As far as we can tell, this is the first ad entirely dedicated to the iPhone XR released by Apple after the product’s official introduction a couple of months back. The Cupertino-based tech giant previously highlighted the “growth spurt” of the iPhone XS and XS Max in a humorous September commercial, as well as the Group FaceTime feature enabled on the entire lineup with the iOS 12.1 update in a surprisingly heartwarming video last month.

There was also the traditionally profound (and vague) holiday-themed ad uploaded to YouTube way back on November 20, and now... this. Titled “Color Flood”, the fast-paced clip isn’t exactly memorable, seemingly emphasizing the rich selection of iPhone XR color options.

But then you realize there are no purple or green variants... yet, and the ending suggests the ad is actually mainly about the “Liquid Retina” display on the iPhone XR. The controversially low-res LCD panel has been advertised from day one as a star performer in terms of color reproduction, and Apple continues to view the 6.1-inch screen as a key selling point rather than a weakness. 

While in-depth reviews have proven the company’s claims (largely) hold water, the iPhone XR is still nowhere near as sharp as its higher-res, OLED-sporting siblings. But of course, there’s also a price gap to consider, which Apple doesn’t forget to mention in the YouTube description of the Color Flood video. You can “make room for color” at a starting price of $599... with the right trade-in.

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