The newly aggressive 'iPhone XR for $449' marketing trickles down to all Apple Store displays

Apple's newly aggressive iPhone marketing trickles down to Store displays
Apple's "trade-in" marketing that advertises an iPhone XR starting at just $449 has now found its way in Apple Stores as well, after being prominently featured in an ad banner on its website, and as push notifications, promo emails and even a short editorial in the Apple Store app.

In essence, this is the same GiveBack deal that Apple announced on the hush-hush after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday brouhaha to keep the sales momentum going, just advertised to the nine. Heck, Apple just gave away XRs to everyone in Ellen's audience last week for a good measure.

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In fact, when you enter an Apple Store now you will be greeted by all of its store displays, down to the Apple TV sets, taken over by that same ad that prompts you to buy an XR at $449, or an iPhone XS at $699. Heavy trade-in discount advertising is nothing special or out of the ordinary as a marketing trick. It's just very new and uncharted territory for Apple in recent memory.

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