Apple's newest iPhone ad reminds us Face ID is better than Touch ID (video)

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Apart from the occasional "Shot on iPhone XS" promotional clip, Apple has focused largely on highlighting the general strengths of its extensive mobile device lineup in ads released in recent months rather than hyping specific features for specific models.

While the company's newest 40-second commercial stars a single iPhone XR unit that cannot be mistaken for its higher-end XS cousins, the message conveyed by it definitely applies to the entire 2018 family, as well as 2017's iPhone X. At first glance, it might seem curious to promote Face ID technology as "even easier and more secure than Touch ID" in 2019. 

After all, the Touch ID fingerprint recognition method is dead and buried (or is it?), having been removed from the iPhone X to help create an "all-screen" design. But Apple still sells the iPhone 7 and 8 duos around the world, and in markets like Singapore, the fingerprint-scanning oldies are presumably very popular, thanks to their lower price points compared to their fancier descendants.

We're only bringing up Singapore because the ad currently features on the company's regional YouTube channel, but there's obviously a chance its promotion will expand worldwide soon enough. The previous three iPhone commercials, focusing on App Store privacy, iMessage encryption, and material recycling, made their debut in Australia before ultimately reaching a global audience.

As for the actual content of the latest ad, aptly titled "Nap", we have to admit its relaxed tone is very much in sync with what most iPhone users are probably seeking in the summer. We've all been there, right? Just as you're about to doze off and enjoy a mild breeze on a sunny day outside, "Craig" kicks off the messaging bombardment to remind you of that meetup you're trying to ditch. 

Fortunately, the iPhone XR (and XS, and XS Max) can be unlocked at a glance with top-notch reliability and unrivaled security, allowing you to get on with your chill business without having to lift a finger. That's a simple, effective, and fairly amusing ad, don't you think? 

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