Leaked iOS 14 code tips Apple may release a notchless iPhone 12 Pro

Leaked iOS 14 code tips Apple may release a notchless iPhone 12 Pro
We've been hearing that Apple will ditch the notch on the iPhone for a good while now, but the analysts' consensus was that that drastic redesign won't be happening for the rumored iPhone 12 this year.

Well, another finding in the iOS 14 beta from a supposed insider has been presented to an Apple-centric blog, and this time around it doesn't deal with piddly stuff like using your iPhone as a car key fob, or helping you keep track of your kid.

In fact, the folks from Svetapple.sk, who have had decent Apple-related scoops before, claim that their source have sent them the contours of a notchless iPhone found in the iOS 14 code.

From the looks of it, the finding comes from a SIM card installation tutorial with the respective schematics, but rather than the SIM tray, our skeptic gaze is entirely focused on the even bezel all-around the device and the earpiece slit at the top.

Could this be the mythical iPhone that was supposed to reduce or hide the cutout completely? Well, last time we heard the plans to incorporate the Face ID kit into the top bezel itself were meant for 2021, but today's source claims this may happen as soon as this year. 

With the iPhone 12 Pro eventually delayed because of the coronavirus scare, Apple will have plenty of times to think and toy with more prototypes before it makes a final decision on what to order. 

What do you think about the notchless iPhone idea with even bezels all around and no cutout, could that affect the design perception that Apple fans are now already pretty much used to in a negative way?
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