You might soon unlock your BMW with your iPhone

Apple and BMW
Apple and premium German car manufacturer BMW are seemingly collaborating to bring the CarKey iPhone feature to eligible vehicles of the carmaker. Evidence for this was unraveled in the iOS 14 code, hinting that iPhone users might soon be able to unlock their BMW cars with their iPhones thanks to the CarKey feature. As a reminder, the existence of CarKey itself was revealed in the iOS 13.4 beta back in February. 

Given that BMW was among the very first automakers to adopt Apple's CarPlay feature a few years back, it would make sense to assume that CarKey could be adopted on upcoming beemers as well. 

It seems that CarKeys could be stored inside the ubiquitous Wallet app and even be shared with other people through iMessage. "Yo, mom, shared me the keys for the car" would sound a whole lot cooler! Code strings suggest that you will not only be able to lock and unlock your vehicle with your device, but also start it remotely. This is already available through the BMW Connected app, but native iOS support would definitely be great. There would seemingly be two ways to unlock the car - either by holding your phone near the NFC-enabled door handle or just having your iPhone in your pocket.

9To5Mac suggests that Apple could use NFC, UWB (ultra-wide band) chip, or a combination between the two. The UWB chip debuted with the iPhone 11-series but has been pretty underused when it comes to features, as it's currently only used to aid AirDrop discovery. 

On the topic of anti-theft countermeasures, CarKey will enjoy the same level of biometric security that the sensitive dara on your iPhone enjoys, but there would seemingly be an option to use CarKey without having to authenticate yourself with a Face ID scan or a PIN code for even faster experience. 

BMW itself neither denied or acknowledged the rumored functionality. When asked, the company replied rather nonchalantly with "Please understand that at this point we cannot confirm your request nor give you further details. We would like to refer you to our press release, " which suggests that we could be in for news on the matter very soon. 

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