iOS 14 rumor round-up: Everything we know and want to see so far

iOS 14 rumor round-up: Everything we know and want to see so far
Update: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there's a high chance WWDC'20 could be scrapped altogether. Stay tuned for news on the matter.

As usual, Apple is expected to reveal iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 later this year. The next version of the OS will hit hundreds of millions iOS devices in the fall, but we will certainly see iOS 14 unveiled at the dev-centric summit, whenever this one is scheduled to happen.

What's going to be new in iOS 14? It's pretty hard to tell as of now, which is quite usual with software, but given the popularity of iOS, there are definitely some tidbits of info coming our way.

Additionally, we have our own favorite set of features that we'd hope to see make the cut.

Thanks to a leaked test build of iOS that was obtained by 9To5Mac, we've been seeing some serious hints about the features that Apple is testing for the next version of the software.

iOS 14: Expected features

New interface option - List View

There will be a new List View for the home screen, which would list all of your apps. This will let you find the one you're looking for more easily, especially if you've got a ton of apps on your phone. It's unclear at this point if this List View will be an option to substitute the default grid view or merely a supplementary home page that will aid you in your experience. 

New AR app

Apple is reportedly betting hard on AR, especially with its rumored AR glasses coming out in the near future. This new app will reportedly provide you with additional augmented information when pointing your phone towards certain objects. For example, pointing your iPhone towards other products in an Apple Store could give you detailed pricing and product features info. The same will reportedly apply to Starbucks stores as well. 

Mouse cursor

IOS 14 could bring a system-wide mouse cursor functionality, which will allow you to easily use external mice with your device. Technically, a similar functionality was added in iOS 13 as an accessibility option, but iOS 14 could be expanding on that by employing the same cursor features you could find on a Mac, for example. The iPad would greatly benefit from that feature as well. 

Improved HomeKit

Apple's HomeKit home-control app will reportedly receive a minor update that will let you change color temperature of any smart lights you might have installed in your house in order to match sunlight.  

More customization

Customization has been the Achilles' heel of iOS for years, and by now people have learned not to expect the same flexibility that Android offers. Still, this doesn't mean that Apple shouldn't shake things up from time to time, and iOS 14 could definitely be a step in the right direction. Apple will reportedly allow third-party wallpaper apps to directly integrate wallpapers into the main Settings app of your iPhone in order to make customization easier and more natural. A number of award-winning #ShotOniPhone pictures could make it there as well. 


Each year, the corresponding iOS update drops support for one of the older iPhones. For example, iOS 13 dropped the 2014 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the support list and was only available on newer devices. Surprisingly enough, rumors are starting to pour in that iOS 14 will support the same devices that iOS 13 did. We expected the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to get dropped from the list of supported devices, but it seems that they could get yet another year of software updates thanks to iOS 14. This is still a rumor so take it with a grain of salt, yet even if it proves to be wrong, your iPhone 6/6 Plus will still do just fine even with iOS 13 on deck.

Here's what devices iOS 14 will most probably support: 

Release date

Apple usually rolls out iOS over-the-air alongside the iPhone each year, within a day or two. We expect that this would happen sometime in mid-to-late September, as Apple will most likely schedule an official event to announce the iPhone 9, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max on the second Tuesday of the month. With a market release within the next two weeks, you will certainly rock the new version of iOS before October comes along, provided that your device is eligible, of course.

iOS 14: What we want to see

With iOS already carrying years of touch-ups and improvements, there aren't really giant, glaring omissions of the OS itself. That's very fortunate, but there are some quality-of-life improvements that we'll gladly welcome.

Redesigned incoming call interface

Incoming calls on iOS take up the whole screen... which is not nice. On Android, for example, some interfaces show incoming calls as pop-up bubbles that don't take up the whole screen and don't interrupt what you are doing right now, because let's face it, millennial—Ā don't like talking on the phone. Jokes aside, a redesigned call interface on iOS has been one of the more requested features for a while, and iOS 14 could be the perfect vessel to bring it to an iPhone near you this autumn. 

Set default apps

It's 2020 already, and Apple needs to get up with the times and allow some more freedom to iPhone users. While the default iOS apps are worth their salt, they're not the best, therefore Apple should allow us to set our own default apps if we wish to do so. Of course, many probably have grown accustomed to the way iOS defaults to Apple's apps in certain usage scenarios, yet an option for power-users could be a great addition to the operating system.

Picture-in-picture for the iPhone

While the iPad can make use of the nifty multitasking picture-in-picture, the iPhone is left behind. And it's a pity, as the big display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max can definitely fit a small video pop-out without things feeling too claustrophobic and cluttered.

Expanded camera features

The latest iPhones automatically switch to the front camera view to 'group selfie' when you rotate them in landscape mode, but why stop here? Why didn't Apple add a zoom feature for selfie as well? This, as well as stock manual controls are definitely on our bucket list for iOS 14. 


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