Redesigned AirPods 3 around the corner; AirPods Pro successor to arrive in 2022

Redesigned AirPods 3 around the corner; AirPods Pro successor to arrive in 2022
We thought April was going to be the time for new AirPods, but Apple's "Spring loaded" event was apparently too loaded to accommodate another major release. Then we were expecting a press release (on, but this also didn't happen.

AirPods 3 will offer an AirPods Pro-like design

Now, according to a Bloomberg report, the AirPods (2nd Gen) successor is surely on the way to a 2021 release. The new AirPods will feature an improved ergonomic design, similar to that of the current AirPods Pro. We expect to see shorter stems with pinch functionality. Respectively, the case will change too. 

Apple's Beats Buds could preview the AirPods Pro 2 design

As far as the AirPods Pro are concerned, they are expected to come out no earlier than 2022. The AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) were planned for release this year, but this didn't happen. The design is currently unknown, as Apple has tested a smaller version of the AirPods Pro, similar to the recently-leaked Beats Buds earbuds.

This design would eliminate the stem, but we'll have to wait and see if Apple's going to move forward with it, at least for the AirPods Pro. The motion sensors are also said to be updated with attention to fitness tracking.

Are AirPods 3 coming at WWDC?

As far as actual release dates are concerned, nothing is confirmed yet. Our only educated guess can come from the fact that WWDC - Apple's (usually) software-focused annual event, is taking place very soon, on June 7.

Therefore, we won't be surprised if Apple decides to debut the long-awaited AirPods, alongside other hardware, which also has been rumored for a while (14 & 16-inch MacBook Pro models). Some of Apple's teaser images for the event feature memojis, wearing AirPods, and staring at MacBook laptops.

Lossless Audio

All of this ties in nicely with Apple's recent announcement for Lossless Audio support on future devices. As we know, Bluetooth doesn't allow for Lossless Audio transfer on wireless devices, no matter if that's a pair of AirPods or a HomePod. Therefore, Apple must be working on a workaround.

Rumors point towards AirPlay-aided Lossless Audio, which will still connect via Bluetooth but maintain the stream through AirPlay. However, as we know, current AirPods models don't support Bluetooth at all, which means they can't establish a connection.

Therefore, it is highly likely that Apple will need to equip the new AirPods with Bluetooth if they are going to give them Lossless Audio. Whether this will happen and is it going to apply to all new AirPods or just the more expensive Pro and Max models - we don't know yet.

AirPods Max 2 aren't in the works yet, but new HomePods are

Although we heard rumors about a more budget version of the AirPods Max a while ago, currently, new AirPods Max aren't in the works. That's because Apple found it hard to keep up with the demand for the product. However, we may see new color options!

Reportedly, Apple is also working on a HomePod speaker with a built-in screen and a Google Nest Hub-like device that combines the features of a HomePod, FaceTime, and Apple TV.

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