Amazon is currently selling Apple's second-gen AirPods at a higher than Black Friday discount

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Amazon is currently selling Apple's second-gen AirPods at a higher than Black Friday discount
Well, this is highly unusual. One of the undoubtedly most desired gadgets this holiday season is on sale at a special price at one of the biggest US retailers, and said price happens to be lower than what the same e-commerce giant charged during the recently concluded Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 shopping festivities.

Despite their advanced age and lack of what may have started to feel like standard features for true wireless earbuds nowadays, the 2019-released AirPods 2 are definitely a great idea for a budget-friendly Christmas gift at a $59.01 discount. 

To be perfectly clear, we're talking about the second-gen model bundled with a wired charging case here, which "normally" costs $159. That means Apple-loving bargain hunters are technically looking at saving a whopping 37 percent, although the recent AirPods 3 launch has obviously made its predecessor's MSRP seem excessive.

That's especially true if you consider Cupertino's latest non-Pro earbuds scored some surprisingly early and unusually hefty discounts of their own in the last few weeks, currently fetching just 9 bucks less than the regular $179 price.

Of course, the wireless charging case-included AirPods 3 are unlikely to ever come close to the AirPods 2's reduced price at the time of this writing. And yes, if you hurry, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive the oldies but goodies before Christmas.

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It's also worth pointing out that no major US retailer can match Amazon's last-minute holiday generosity, at least as far as we can tell, although that wasn't necessarily true on Black Friday, when the second-gen AirPods got record discounts of up to $70 in a few different places... for a very limited time.

Amazon itself sold these bad boys for as little as $89 a few weeks ago (for a few hours or so), inexplicably jacking up their price to $109 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which makes this killer new deal mighty hard but not exactly impossible to resist. Will you pull the trigger or risk playing the waiting game in the hope that the AirPods 2 will return to their lowest ever price in time for Christmas?

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