New data shows Android 13 is running on fewer than 15% of Android devices

New data shows Android 13 is running on fewer than 15% of Android devices
Just the other day, we told you that 81% of active iPhone models are running iOS 16. Of course, when you make the hardware and software such as Apple does, such numbers are possible. And when there is one outfit making the software and multiple hardware manufacturers you see numbers like the ones released by Google (via 9to5Google) showing that the most current Android build, Android 13, is on 14.7% of Android devices globally as of May 30th. That is up from the 12.1% of Android devices that were using Android 13 in April.  

The version of Android found on most devices is Android 11; the 2020 build can be found running on 23.1% of Android devices while 17.8% are using 2019's Android 10. Android 12, from 2021, is third at 16.3% followed by last year's Android 13.

Some of the iconic Android dessert names are still being employed with Android Pie (aka Android 9, from 2018) being used on 11.9% of Android devices. Oreo (aka Android 8 from 2017) is still used on 8.3% of devices running Android. Nougat (Android 7 from 2016) and Marshmallow (Android 6 from 2015) were spotted on 3% and 2.3% of Android devices respectively. For some reason, 1.8% of active Android devices are still running 2014's Lollipop (Android 5) and .5% are still using 2013's KitKat (Android 4.4).

While Android 13 showed an expected increase since the previous numbers were released in April, Android 12, 11, and 10 showed declines. Yes, sometimes strange things pop up when you deal with distribution figures like this. For example, other than Android 13, the only other build to show growth between April and June is Android 8 Oreo. Whether it was the delicious creme filling or something else, the data revealed that Oreo went from being used on 6.7% of Android devices in April to 8.3% in June. That works out to a healthy, but odd, 24% hike.

Currently, Google is working on Android 14 with the third Beta version expected to be released this month. Internally, the next Android build is known inside Google as Upside Down Cake since it is Android U.

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