Google's use of aluminum instead of stainless steel leaves the Pixel Fold vulnerable

Google's use of aluminum instead of stainless steel leaves the Pixel Fold vulnerable
Last week we told you about the first JerryRigEverything video on the Pixel Fold which showed how easy the device is to bend. The internal screen is vulnerable to getting scratched by fingernails, keys, and coins thanks to the protective plastic surface. But that was the first JerryRigEverything video about durability. Now, Zack Nelson, the tech reviewer behind the videos, released his teardown of the Pixel Fold and the video shows us where Google might have taken a wrong turn with its first foldable device.

One of the reasons why the Pixel Fold folded up so easily has to do with the material that Google used in the construction of the Pixel Fold's frame. Instead of using stainless steel, Google turned to aluminum to make the Pixel Fold as thin as possible. Google might have succeeded in making the device thinner than other foldables but aluminum is easier to bend. The video also points out that the waterproofing on the Pixel Fold is different than what Samsung uses for the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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While Samsung employs a rubber filler to waterproof the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Google uses a hard plastic material that can get brittle over time and can crack. Once it cracks, the level of water protection fades quickly. Nelson says that he thinks that Samsung's waterproofing system is better because it lasts longer.

Continuing with the autopsy, Nelson took apart the internal display.  Once the flexible covering was removed from the 7.6-inch internal screen, Nelson pointed out metal slats that were also spotted on the 7.6-inch internal Pixel Fold 4 screen that are used to strengthen the crease. That's a positive for Google.

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Remember, the Pixel Fold is priced ($1,800) the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which makes it all the more surprising how easily the Pixel Fold gave in to the pressure while the Galaxy Z Fold 4 resisted Nelson's attempts to put the fold into the Galaxy Z Fold 4. And it also shows why Samsung called the Galaxy Z Fold 4 "unbreakable."

Pixel Fold users are thrilled with the 5.8-inch external display on the phone compared to the taller, thinner, and harder to type on 6.2-inch Galaxy Z Fold 4 cover screen. So there will be consumers who would rather own the Pixel Fold over the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If you're in that group and you have purchased the first foldable Pixel, or you're planning on it, you might want to protect the device as best you can by purchasing a case. Check out our list of the best Pixel Fold cases available.

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