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Windows Phone 7 launch live coverage!

Windows Phone 7 launch live coverage!
*Update*: For the hands-on with AT&T's Windows Phone 7 smartphones, click here.
Our hands-on with the HTC HD7 can be found here.
HTC 7 Mozart, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7 hands-on.

Microsoft has its mobile future at stake with the launch of Windows Phone 7. Companies like Google and Apple managed to completely circumvent Microsoft's ecosystem in the span of just a few years with Android and the iPhone, for the most common tasks. This forced the Redmond giant to completely rethink its mobile strategy, and start creating a new OS from scratch, in order to replace its aging Windows Mobile.

The brand new Windows Phone 7 will be launched to a great fanfare, with events in New York and London. This is a pivotal moment for one of the world's most known brands, which popularized computing as we know it, and made its founder the richest person in the world in the process. We'll be blogging live from both keynote presentation, focusing our attention mainly towards the one in NYC, where center stage are supposed to take Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, and AT&T's Ralph de la Vega - the head of the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7 in the US. You can follow our updates from here, or from our Twitter account: twitter.com/phonearena.

Check out our live updates below, then stay tuned for our hands-on articles with the newly-announced Windows Phone 7 smartphones!

Live event tracker

09:56Thanks for joining us, everyone. Now we'll spend a few minutes with the devices and get back to you with some hands-on stuff!
09:40NYC: That's it, we'll take a look at the phones. Stay tuned!
09:39NYC: November 8th is WP7 day for the US
09:39NYC: Video is over and Ballmer doing the closing remarks
09:36NYC: Playing a video regarding WP7
09:35NYC: Steve is back on stage
09:35NYC: Copy and paste will be out by early 2011!!
09:35NYC: Finally, all the demos are over, which was pretty long. Still, is quite informative.
09:34UK: Heading out to play with the phones!
09:33NYC: EA is on board with Sims for Windows Phone
09:33NYC: Graphics in this game look smooth and rich
09:32NYC: Showing off some the game Elo Meelo
09:32UK: Steven Fry explains emotional engagement of WM7. He's unpaid, just a gadget head and loves it for being diverse.
09:31NYC: You can change your avatar on the go
09:30NYC: Basically showing off things like achievements, avatar, and leader boards.
09:29NYC: Games Hub is being demoed
09:28NYC: AT&T U-Verse app is being shown off.
09:28UK: Stephen Fry enters the stage, to show his re-evaluation of Windows on a mobile having slated it in the past
09:27NYC: Showing off IMDb app for WP7. User experience is familiar
09:25NYC: Showing off the eBay application
09:25NYC: Zune Pass is always looking good with WP7
09:22NYC: Looking into Zune on WP7
09:22NYC: Go to windowsphone.com will be a centralized hub for a host of content. Plus it syncs with OneNiote
09:20NYC: SharePoint servers are synced so you can browse items with people at work
09:20UK:LG Optimus, HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro not specified as exclusive to any networks.
09:20LG Optimus, HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro not specified as exclusive to any networks.
09:20NYC: Now we're looking at the Office Hub
09:20NYC: Lots of swiping movements to access different functions like posting a comment
09:19UK: HTC Trophy - Small screen - Vodafone exc.
09:19NYC: Friends who post photos will show up in your feeds list within the Pictures Hub
09:18UK: Samsung Omnia 7 - Orange and T Mobile
09:18NYC: Pictures Hub will automatically choose a background photo
09:17NYC: Wrapping up the People Hub
09:16NYC: You can instantly get access with people you care most about with social networking
09:16NYC: With a couple of presses, you can get access to "Speed wall posting"
09:15UK: Phones - HTC 7 Mozart announced in the UK exclusively on Orange - Oct 21
09:15NYC: Now they're demoing WP7 Hubs
09:15NYC: So that wraps up "Smart Design" with WP7
09:14Wow, it worked! Loud applause
09:14NYC: "Can't access" Bing right now - possibly congested network
09:13NYC: Instant answers with Windows Phone 7 to provide you some useful information - can be accessed by holding the start key
09:12UK: EA confirmed for game dev. on Windows Phone 7
09:11Basically showing additional features with the Bing Maps experience
09:09You can choose which is the best traveling option for you
09:08With the address in the meeting, you can simply tap it to launch Bing Maps
09:07Steve wants to go to TGIF, but it's conflicting with a conference
09:06Email will automatically check to see if there are conflicts with your schedule.
09:05it's a "smart design"
09:05word suggestion make it simple to correct misspellings.
09:04Now he's showing off the speed of the on-screen keyboard - looks pretty quick and accurate. Round of applause!
09:03"Office experience is unique and incredibly powerful"

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:49

1. zippy47710 (unregistered)

Why is Microsoft pulling an "Apple" by only releasing Windows Mobile 7 to GSM providers? Sprint has the fastest mobile web network!

posted on 11 Oct 2010, 11:59

3. easytochris (Posts: 126; Member since: 21 Jan 2010)

when compared to HSPA+ speeds, 9 out of ten tests showed T-mobile's data network was about three times faster than sprint's 4g network. Plus it doesn't make sense for a company to have exclusive arrangements with CDMA companies because it limits their market to primarily North America since the majority of the world uses GSM as a global standard

posted on 11 Oct 2010, 10:04

2. Dihce (unregistered)

$$$ talks and BS walks

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