The CEOs of Microsoft and AT&T will be jointly presenting Windows Phone 7 to the world

The CEOs of Microsoft and AT&T will be jointly presenting Windows Phone 7 to the world
We were wondering where did the "premier carrier" for Windows Phone 7 disappear from the Windows Phone 7 grand unveiling next Monday, October 11th, but now now the puzzle piece has fallen into place. Microsoft sent out invitations that pinpoint the exact location of AT&T's Ralph de la Vega during the whole shebang - right smack in the middle of the stage, together with Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, starting at 9:30am ET in NYC. Ballmer was deprived of half his bonus for the fiscal year over Microsoft's mobile troubles, so we are fairly certain the CEO will put on a show only he is capable of.

Whew, looks like it will be a day-long endeavor, with additional happenings in the afternoon, and overseas satellite events. The 15:30-16:30 ET hours, when T-Mobile will be showing off its Windows Phone 7 gear in the afternoon, are actually part of what Microsoft calls Open House, featuring also application demos and developer events until 5pm. Right up to the cocktail-laden evening starting at 7pm ET. Good times.

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1. alishanfi

Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 18, 2008

I don't know abt u guys but this is a real ugly phone!

2. AppleBerry unregistered

phone is ugly as fuck

3. attCEObeaner unregistered

att sux cuz their CEO is busy eating tacos and taking siestas and picking vegetables for steve ballmer

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