Will a 2014 Nokia Lumia model be first to offer Pelican's 16 lens technology?

Will a 2014 Nokia Lumia model be first to offer Pelican's 16 lens technology?
Pelican Imaging is a company that produces camera modules for handsets. It's CEO, Chris Pickett, says that Pelican's 16 lens module for mobile phones will be on at least one smartphone in 2014. Figuring out which manufacturer will be the beneficiary of this technology is not terribly hard considering that the other day, we told you that Nokia plans on investing in the company.

Pelican's array camera has 16 lens in a 4x4 grid which trumps the typical cellphone camera module. Each of the sub cameras is dedicated to one color which should remove some of the noise that can lessen the quality of a photograph taken from a typical handset. The resulting picture is stuffed into a JPEG file that is 20% larger than average, containing less noise than your usual photo, even if it was shot with less than optimal lighting conditions.

As we previously explained the other day, pictures taken with the Pelican camera contain focus information for the entire scene. This allows you to change the focus point of the shot after you've taken it. Aimed at smartphone owners who are a little more serious about photography than others, this technology could be a major selling point for Nokia next year. Check out the slideshow below to see how you can change the focus point on a single photograph.

source: Engadget


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