Will a 2014 Nokia Lumia model be first to offer Pelican's 16 lens technology?

Will a 2014 Nokia Lumia model be first to offer Pelican's 16 lens technology?
Pelican Imaging is a company that produces camera modules for handsets. It's CEO, Chris Pickett, says that Pelican's 16 lens module for mobile phones will be on at least one smartphone in 2014. Figuring out which manufacturer will be the beneficiary of this technology is not terribly hard considering that the other day, we told you that Nokia plans on investing in the company.

Pelican's array camera has 16 lens in a 4x4 grid which trumps the typical cellphone camera module. Each of the sub cameras is dedicated to one color which should remove some of the noise that can lessen the quality of a photograph taken from a typical handset. The resulting picture is stuffed into a JPEG file that is 20% larger than average, containing less noise than your usual photo, even if it was shot with less than optimal lighting conditions.

As we previously explained the other day, pictures taken with the Pelican camera contain focus information for the entire scene. This allows you to change the focus point of the shot after you've taken it. Aimed at smartphone owners who are a little more serious about photography than others, this technology could be a major selling point for Nokia next year. Check out the slideshow below to see how you can change the focus point on a single photograph.

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2. dexter_jdr

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3. santaclaus

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too bad i cant wait for a 2014 Lumia, i will get my EOS by this year.. haha

23. akki20892

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me too dude, it will cool pureview phone in 2014.

4. the_best

Posts: 139; Member since: Oct 14, 2012

Nice one! is this pureview step 4?

5. cezarepc

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Spell Lytro.

6. Droid_X_Doug

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This with a large (32 or 48 Mp ~ 8 or 12 Mp resulting image) sensor WOULD be a hero camera in a hero smartphone. It might even get me to buy a WP phone.

20. Nathan_ingx

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Well, some people think that a magnificent camera isn't enough to justify the whole package as good. As for me...Nokia is again taking a huge leap like they did with the OIS and Pureview tech in the 920 and 808 last year. They make history.

7. xperiaDROID

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Nokia : "Daddy O' Nokia is gonna return in 2014, SUCKERS! I'll be back!" Damn, I can't wait to see the beast! Good luck Nokia! :)

9. boosook

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Please, please, sell your xperia z, buy the 920 and stop infesting the forum with pro-nokia messages! :-)

13. xperiaDROID

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Sorry bro! Cuz this will disappoint you, I will switch to a Nokia Lumia next year, not now! I'm not rich like you, I don't have so much money to sell and buy....sell and buy....sell and buy.....! And is there something wrong when wishing good luck to Nokia?

8. Reverence

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so i should skip the upcoming nokia catwalk thing and wait for the next one? leaks are bad :(

11. xperiaDROID

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You should ask yourself, will you wait until next year? It's gonna be a looonnggggg time! You should wait for the upcoming Catwalk! :)

14. -box-

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Collect them all! Lol

18. PhansMuneeb

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and next year some new leaks will occur which will show you that Nokia EOS II with 50MP is coming with 4k video capture.....its your choice. ...

10. jove39

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Thats amazing...i hope all oem signup for this technology!

12. MistB

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This is innovation at its truest form. The others will only just take ideas from the kings!

15. ryq24

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The bigger question is will nokia still be alive in 2014? :-)

16. xperiaDROID

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The biggest answer is : Y.....E.....S!!! :)

19. PhansMuneeb

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c'mon stop hating you dumbass haters...

26. Altair

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Nokia is not having such issues like RIM... Errr Blackberry and HTC.

17. protozeloz

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Finally, I saw this and thought it was a great idea, let's hope for more future devices to have this tech

21. Ruisleipä

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Nokia spells King.

22. madpiyal

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This does seem to be a real deal not just a gimmick to fill up the specsheet. Focusing after taking a pic just makes photography much easier.

24. shadez10

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Pelican 16 lens tech + OIS = EPIC WIN!

25. pwnarena

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if only nokia phones were on android

27. Altair

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Dude, why should Nokia choose worse OS? If someone likes one of these "another row of retro icons", the one would choose iOS. Lukily there is a fresh and innovative WP8! It is also good to know that all android (stolen product) OEM are paying patent costs to MS so they can make WP even better!

28. gabrelov

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No matter if nokia goes wp or droid ill buy it since nokia is best cameraphone and most innovative oem.

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