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Which Samsung Galaxy S20 color should you get?

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Which Samsung Galaxy S20 color should you get?
The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and the camera beast S20 Ultra all have impressive specs sheets. They come with flagship processors, amazing camera systems, and awesome 120Hz displays for a smooth experience. But as we all know, people buy a phone not only for its specs. Design, color, and appearance also affect a buyer's decision.

Without a doubt, all three Galaxy S20 variants look sleek and modern. However, picking among the colors can be somewhat complicated. Samsung offers the Galaxy S20 line in Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink and Cosmic Black. However, not all four colors are available for all models. Additionally, Samsung offers some of the models in exclusive colors, such as Jennie Red Edition, BTS Purple, Aura Blue color and Cloud White. So, if you’re struggling to navigate the Galaxy colors and to find what’s best for you, this article will give you some valuable insight.

All Samsung Galaxy S20 colors:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: Cloud Pink, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cloud White (Verizon exclusive)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black, Aura Blue (BestBuy exclusive), Purple BTS Edition, Jennie Red Edition (South Korea only)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black

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Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra in Cosmic Gray

The Cosmic Gray option is available for all three models. It has a glossy finish, fingerprints are not quite as visible as on the black color. Its frame is glossy in silver, matching Samsung’s logo on the back of the phone. It looks sleek, while at the same time does not stand out too much. If you like your Galaxy to look stylish but don’t want to go crazy with its color, you would enjoy this option.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus in Cloud Blue

The Cloud Blue variant is available only for Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. Unfortunately the Ultra does not come in this color. The Cloud Blue is a light blue color with glossy finish, which manages fingerprints way better than lets say, the black or even the grey option. Its frame on the top and the bottom is blue-tinted silvery color, while the sides get some of that same light blue that is found on the back. If you want your Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus to look classy but still not boring, you can not go wrong with this one. Additionally, the Cloud Blue Galaxy S20 is definitely a youthful and fresh choice and it has a slight yellowish reflection in some lighting conditions. 

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Samsung Galaxy S20 in Cloud Pink

The Cloud Pink color is only available for the Galaxy S20, not the S20 Plus and Ultra. It’s a gorgeous glossy light pink that manages to look premium and elegant and at the same time, fresh and playful, just like the Cloud Blue variant. You can see the pink color slightly at the sides of the phone, when you look at its display. The frame is tinted in pink as well, making the phone look polished. Additionally, in some lighting conditions, the pink glows with a gentle yellow tint. If you like a more spring-inspired look, the pink Galaxy S20 will definitely not disappoint you. It’s bright, it’s gentle-looking and stylish.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cosmic Black

If you’re the conservative type and want that black, sleek look, it's available for the Galaxy S20 Plus, as well as for the enormous flagship beast, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The glossy black color is infamous for attracting fingerprints, but it has some advantages. Most importantly, the black color really does blend everything, the enormous camera bump and the whole smartphone look more uniform and polished. With it, your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus or S20 Ultra won’t stand out as much while still delivering this premium look. Additionally, the black option makes even the bulkier S20 Ultra look slim, while at the same time preserving its badass vibe.

Buy Galaxy S20 Plus in Cosmic Black:
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Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S20 color options

Samsung has provided some additional colors you can choose from that you can check out down below; however, they are exclusive to some models and in some regions. The smartphone that gets the most exclusive color options is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. You can get it in a South-Korean boy band BTS style, as well as South-Korean Jennie Red style, the former being available only in South Korea at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW in Cloud White (Verizon exclusive)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW in Cloud White is exclusive only to Verizon customers. It has a glossy finish, while the white displays a rainbow-like effect in some lighting conditions. It looks clean, sophisticated and at the same time, playful with those rainbow-like reflections. The frame is silver, matching the Samsung logo on the back. If you want a sleek, elegant color that at the same time is some fun for your Samsung Galaxy S20, you can go with this one and not be disappointed.

It's important to note that this variant does not have a microSD card slot because of the 5G UW network it uses.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus in Aura Blue (BestBuy exclusive)

The Galaxy S20 Plus in Aura Blue is definitely a statement. The blue is saturated, bright, non-apologetic. It has a glossy finish, but shines in different hues of blue in different light, looking premium and polished. The Aura Blue color is an exclusive color that you definitely want to get your hands on if you like to stand out with your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Samsung really does this primary blue color right, as we’ve seen in other models from the South-Korea-based giant. The vibrant blue extends to the sides of the smartphone, as well as the top and the bottom of it.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition is especially made for fans of the world-famous South-Korean boyband BTS. The color of the phone is not the only thing different about this variant. The packaging, the Android icons, the overall style of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is all focused on the BTS Army (that’s how fans of the boyband call themselves). The color of the glass back of the smartphone is is a mixture between violet and blue and has a predominant pink tint to it. On the bottom of the back of the phone you will find the BTS logo. A small purple heart, associated with the boy band, is situated on the camera bump. The polish on the Samsung Galaxy S20 BTS Edition is matte and the color overall looks girly and beautiful. You might like this one, even if you’re not a fan of the boyband, as its colors are beautifully mixed and it offers a gentle way to stand out from the crowd.

Buy Galaxy S20 Plus Purple BTS Edition:
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Jennie Red Edition

Red smartphones are smartphones for the bold. Red, when done right, looks great on a piece of tech and the Galaxy S20 Plus Jennie Red Edition definitely proves that. Its glossy finish attracts attention and screams daredevil. If you like to be the center of attention, the red Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus may be a great option for you. The red color can also be seen on the frame of the smartphone. Unfortunately this color option is reserved for South Korea at the moment.

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