Watch the whole Windows Phone Mango event here

Watch the whole Windows Phone Mango event here
The curtain over Windows Phone Mango has been lifted and Microsoft’s platform has certainly taken a bold step toward maturity, but as detailed as press coverage could be – nothing compares to footage of the whole event with the unmatched atmosphere of a room full of tech journalists waiting for 500 new features.

That’s exactly what you get in the video below – some 50 minutes of new features detailing you the future of Redmond’s platform. There’s plenty of hype around it as the mobile OS will arrive on Nokia Windows Phone devices in its latest version and three new phone makers will join the show. But if you want an even closer look, feel free to also check out our Windows Phone Mango hands-on from the event.

source: Microsoft



1. JSern

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7. chris23

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That was some pretty cool stuff. Its great to Microsoft putting out some great phones, instead of crap like the black jack 2. LOL But i must say that im still sticking with android

8. SemperFiV12

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I've liked all OSes Ive used... Including 2 devices using Android... But I will drop ALL for a WP7 device!

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