Verizon introduces LTE Advanced; available now at no extra cost, service raises peak speeds by 50%


Verizon raised the stakes in the wireless industry today by announcing LTE Advanced. Big Red subscribers in 461 cities will receive 50% faster peak speeds for free. According to the nation's largest carrier, not only does this service affect users in the big cities, it also "covers loads of less-served places including highways, interstates, country roads and rural America."

The new service is available for those sporting 39 LTE Advanced capable phones and tablets, and owners of these handsets have to do absolutely nothing to take advantage of the faster data speeds. The new service is created by using carrier aggregation, which combines two to three bandwidth channels into one larger one. Verizon uses 700MHz, AWS and PCS spectrum for the aggregation.

With Verizon LTE Advanced, average download speeds of 5-12Mbps peak at 225Mbps with two channel carrier aggregation. With three channel aggregation, peak speeds can top 300Mbps.

The 39 devices covered by LTE Advanced include:

Check out Verizon's new 60-second ad for the service by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

source: Verizon
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